Monday Motivation: Start Your Day with Gratitude


Be thankful for the life you have got
Stop looking at things you never get
Give gratitude for all you have got.

Gratitude is a perk of positive mindset
It will create positive vibes in your life
Practicing gratitude will uplift your soul.

Gratitude remains the best attitude
It is gratitude that bring happiness
Happiness will then bring success.

Start your Monday with gratitude
It will get you through the day
You will have a blissful week.

5 Simple Methods to Stay Motivated

Good day happy people, it’s a beautiful day. Some people status on social media and networking platforms today will be: Oh! no, Monday is here again, while some people will be afraid as they believe that Monday is the first day of the 5 days hostage situation. You can take a quick break from your work or study during the day to have a bit of fun to rejuvenate and stay motivated simultaneously.

What ever your thoughts and feelings are about Monday is just normal because you are only human. Fear no Monday, it’s just like other days. Human nature is against any form of hassles, those hassles can be inevitable for people who are working or attending college on weekdays, even for those who are parenting; people just want to sit, relax, have fun and not get disturbed by any activity.

I suppose to be the laziest person because I was born on Sunday, but I never allow that fact to demoralize me and make me who I won’t like to be, Instead I choose to treat everyday of the week as the same, and I rest every time the need be. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, action is the best antidote for procrastination. Utilize grit and optimism to succeed and make the most out of this day.

Below are 5 simple ways to stay motivated:

  • Embrace positivity in all its forms
  • Continue fighting towards your goals
  • Be brave enough to face your fears
  • Be ambitious about your set goals
  • Stay focused on the set plans.

Inspirational Motivation One Year Anniversary

Inspirational Motivation is a year young, I was just trying to attend to the notifications and comments last night when I got this. I was amazed to see it and I’m glad for this great achievement. I pat myself on the back and give gratitude for this success, It’s a dream come true as I never think I would come this far, but it’s funny how time fly.

1 year blogging

Just like yesterday when I posted my first article on this blog, I started for a purpose and to improve on what I love doing; writing. Since I started, I have been through a lot of circumstances just like every other newbie-bloggers, but I never give up, neither on what am doing or on myself. Writing makes me feel great always and it gives me sense of purpose and importance to my readers, knowing for sure that am passing positive vibes to other people, inspiring and motivating them simultaneously.

I give gratitude to all my readers, followers on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and fellow bloggers who has made this success possible, success and prosperity will be the portion of each and everyone of you in all your endeavors; without you all there will be no Inspirational Motivation.

Some might see this as nothing but I practice what I preach; I celebrate little wins while hoping and working towards greater ones. Do not get distracted by fear and failures, focus on chances and how to develop yourself while helping others. All it takes is within you. You are born with unlimited potentials, explore yourself very well and you shall find your gift; it’s in you.

Inspirational Motivation for Writers | Keep on Writing!

As a writer and blogger, you don’t have to worry about not getting much readers on your corner of the internet, don’t expect everybody to like or understand your post; the least that you need are those who always read and understand your writings and those are enough to keep inspiring you in keeping up your awesome works.

Never stop writing, continue doing what you are doing and hope that it will surely reach those who are in need of it. People are looking for those keywords of yours on search engines every seconds; don’t think they are not. They may be sleeping by now and unconscious of your writing, but never forget that their subconscious never sleeps.

Internet has made the world a global village and be rest assure that all it takes is just one person, one view, one understanding and one like. The same person can then share it to his or her friends on other social media platforms and boom! your blog is in limelight; Just relax and watch as the traffic to your blog will increase.

Work well on mastery, autonomy and purpose, you will discover your niche in blogging. Don’t think your ideas are stupid, you’re a genius in your own right, there must be something that you can write about best than anyone else in the world; All you need is motivation and courage to keep on the momentum.

Keep on writing and posting new articles, keep your blog updated; never give up!