Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindsets Instead of Worrying & Overthinking

You will never be given more than you can withstand in life, but if you think you have been given more that you can withstand, I can assure you that you will subsist. You are in control of your own destiny and you will always be superior to your circumstances. Those circumstances are meant to help you grow through life, if you counter attack them with positive energy.

If you always cultivate and maintain positive mindsets, you will have a beautiful perspective of life. You will see failure as opportunity for growth, you will utilize setback to propel yourself forward, you will be able to learn from your mistakes and you will develop the ability to utilize disappointment as motivation to succeed, as success is the best form of revenge.

Don’t you worry over anything, make effort, be optimistic and be rest assure that your success is just around the corner. Don’t you worry over time, you have seen others success but you’re overthinking about when will you succeed, worrying won’t solve any problems. So, when you are overthinking about something ask yourself: Will this matter in one, three or five years?

Worrying leads to mental shotgun, which is a term invented by psychologist Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. Basically, it is a term used to describe the process that goes on inside our minds when we over-compute more information than needed at a point in time and human can only spend limited time in the state of mind.

It’s good to think in order to find solution and plan for a way out in some situations, but you need a paradigm shift. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein. Positive thinking will bring about a paradigm shift in your mindsets, you will have clear sense of thinking and experience a delightful and satisfied life.

Monday Motivation: Utilize the Happiness Advantage


You are born to be happy not to be perfect
I implore you to utilize that happiness
advantage to live a joyful life.

Once you are happy, you will have a positive
perspective of life and you will be able
to pass the positive vibes to others.

Life is not meant to be lived in a shell of negativity
Good things come with positive vibes
surround yourself with positivity.

You will be amazed seeing your dreams coming
true when you remain happy and you will
experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

One Step at A Time

Do you usually worry too much about everything? Do you usually waste much time during decision making? Do you usually feel stuck at some point and you don’t know the next step to take? I will advise you to just think about one thing at a time. A journey of thousand miles must begin with a step, sometimes in life you must take things gradually, step by step just like a toddler practicing walking; easy does it and soon they are fully on their feet.

Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can be more killing than cancer, step out of your comfort zone gradually and forget everything that can hinder your success. Focus on your imaginations and creativity, dream big always and maintain positive mindset, for they are the factors that form and determine your reality; dream is a mental picture of life, and thoughts are the basis of some real-life events.

Do you believe in the beauty and power of your dreams? It takes great courage, willpower and unwavering belief in yourself to be who you really want to be in life. As you are taking gradual steps and going through the journey of life, while working towards achieving your dreams, knowing yourself and having the vivid imagination of the person you aspire to be remain the key factors that will determine your success in life.

Self-discovery is a gradual and lifetime process. As you are growing up, you will learn more new things about yourself, but becoming your best self, and performing at your best can be challenging at times, but you must be courageous to keep on the momentum; just keep moving, one step at a time, you will achieve your goals and experience a delightful and satisfied life.


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Regret Nothing and Keep Moving On

Life is a college and experience is the best teacher, that’s why you must learn from life experiences, whether good or bad. As a human, you are adventurous as a child, but through domestication, you are restricted from some things just for your own safety purposes. Domestication may vary, due to cultures, traditions and religious beliefs.

But as a grown adult you must take responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, actions and other things concerning your life in general. As you’re treading through life, you will experience a lot of things, whether good or bad, from those experiences you must learn some life lessons; and the bad experiences like mistakes and failures are opportunity for growth.

If you don’t make mistakes, that means you’re not really trying. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you must be courageous to be optimistic. Mistakes, failures, heartbreaks, disappointments and setbacks are part of life. Whatever you’re going through now may seems daunting, but you’re not alone; many people have experienced those adversities and they subsist.

The harm has been done, your heart seems broken, it gave you no reason, but it left you with questions. Will you allow it to break you or utilize your innate courage to be resilient? Regret nothing, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Regret will only give you some sense of resentment, which is bad for you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Life is not about living in the shell of negativity, and you can only eradicate negativity with positivity. Good things only come with a positive vibe. Embrace positivity in all its form and radiate it to those around you. Don’t just go through life, you must grow through life; admit that you can’t change the past, but as the river keeps flowing, continue moving on and you will experience a delightful and satisfied life.

The Determining Factors of Success (The 3 Ps)

Success is what we are living for, but success definition may vary among individuals. Success is insomniac, it’s not cheap to come by or easy to attain. During the journey of success, when the going gets tough, only the tough keep going, and there are few factors that determine success. In this article, I will explain few but the crucial factors that determine success in all endeavors.

Passion is the first of the core factors that determine success. Success abound in anything which is done with passion. The reason why some people achieve remarkable success in their field of profession and all other life endeavors is passion, they love what they are doing, and their desire is what takes them higher to greater heights.

Persistent is another factor that determine success. Success is shielded by failures, but these failures are success in disguise. Failure is an opportunity for growth, but one must be tenacious to learn from failure, as it takes great courage to recuperate and focus again on success. When you’re optimistic, you will be courageous. When you’re courageous you will be confident, and with confidence, your achievements are unlimited.

Perseverance is the last factor but not the least. Patient is one of the greatest virtue, no wonder a Yoruba proverb has it that “Only a patient person can milk a lioness” which means – with patience, exceptional outcome is achievable. Sometimes you just don’t have to worry, just be patient and give it time. Remarkable success doesn’t come cheap, and I wish you the equanimity needed to attain outstanding success in life.