Life Is a Journey, Not a Competition

Just as a general note, you should eliminate any thought that there is an expectation that you do anything by any age. You don’t have to be married with kids by 25. It’s okay to be 16 and never been kissed. There is nothing wrong with you if you have not graduated from college by 22. You are not a failure because you don’t have your dream job at 30. There are no rules to life. You don’t get special points for achieving certain things by a deadline. Just go at your own speed; Life is not a race.

Life is a journey and not a competition. If you admit this fact, you will be happy and experience a wonderful fulfilled life. Life is a gift, age is just number and time is an illusion. Philosophers and physicists has made it known that the nature of time has always inspired curiosity in humans.

Albert Einstein was very clear in his day. Physicists are now very clear about the concept of time too. Time is not absolute, despite what common sense tells you and me. Time is relative and flexible. According to Einstein, “the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion”. So, reality is ultimately TIMELESS. This sounds pretty bizarre from the view of classical physics, but from the view of consciousness theory and spirituality, it fits in perfectly.

I implore you not to worry too much about your unachieved goals, just stick to the plans you have made towards achieving those goals and be optimistic that someday you will achieve those goals. Don’t worry over time, or get intimidated about others achievements because everyone has their own special time of success in life.

I have heard and read about some popular and successful late bloomers like – Bryan Cranston, Colonel Sanders, Anton Bruckner, Vivienne Westwood, J.K Rowling and lots more.

So, I implore you all to be courageous and optimistic in walking the journey of life at your own pace and intention. Don’t chase people, don’t force things, they will fall in place when you least expect them. Live life with baby steps, live your life for progress, not perfection; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Inspirational Motivation Thanksgiving

Inspirational Motivation Thanks

I can’t stand a hypocrite that’s why I can’t be one
I dislike manipulator that’s why I chose to be motivator

The attitude of gratitude is the major part of my doctrine
Gratitude is best attitude and I practice it always

I give much thanks to you readers, visitors & followers
for the love and support given to this great blog

Inspirational Motivation gives all due gratitude
knowing that without you there is no me or this blog

I vow to stay inspired while motivating you all
I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous day!

Rule your world!


It is your life
You own it exclusively
Take control of your life
Be bold and courageous
Start living intentionally.

It is your life
It can be like a movie
But I can assure you
that you need no
script nor director.

You are a god
in your own right
You are the master
of your own destiny
Be bold, govern your life.

Be yourself in life
Be optimistic in life
You have all it takes
You will experience
A wonderful fulfilled life.

Your Happiness and Success is Your Responsibility

Some folks usually express their judgement about life by saying “life is not always sunshine and rainbows” I do not oppose nor agree with that expression. Being a staunch optimist, I believe that there is no good or bad weather. To be happy, successful and achieve anything you want in life, there are few piratical methods that you can practice daily and they are all about yourself.

Love yourself enough, always practice self-love and learn to appreciate yourself, because if you don’t love and take good care of yourself, it can be hard for someone else to do that for you. Also, learn to forgive your past failures and disappointments; Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Improve your self-awareness, if this and the first are used with wisdom and proper willpower, I assure you that you can achieve anything in life and most especially you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

It is the motivation to realize your maximum potential and possibilities. It is the master motive, all other motives being its various forms. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for self-actualization is the final need that manifests when lower level needs have been satisfied.

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem, and it all about believing in yourself to achieve those things you set as goals. Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you that you will get it.

Self-belief or self-confidence is also known as winning attitude, it evaluates the way you feel about your skills, abilities, looks and behaviors. Anyone with good self-confidence can learn things quickly, trust that they can complete tasks to a good standard and appear attractive to others.

Be yourself
One of the main things that cultivates to your happiness in life is to be yourself. Always make sure you act naturally according to your character and instincts. Accept yourself for who you are; for that is what makes you unique and be self-compassionate.

Be Bold to Reveal Yourself


You are not your looks, your gender or your weight
You are not where you were born, or who your parents are
You are not always what you want to be.

You are what you do in your life, and who you help
You are the legacy you are making to leave behind one day
You are what you do with this life you were given.

Don’t let other people judge you on the things you are not
Whatever they may say about you doesn’t define you
Be bold to let them see who you truly are.

Shine your light to eradicate all darkness and negativity
Reveal your true positive self-image to the world
You will be successful and experience a fulfilled life.

Rising Above Life’s Bitter Lemons (Disappointment, Heartbreak, Failure & Loss)

Overcoming life adversities requires a courageous, resilient and optimistic human being. You must be strong to face and triumph over life challenges. Here is how to keep moving forward even after life has handed you some bitter lemons:

  • Just accept what happened and move on
  • Play the role of a spectator of your life
  • Do not take it personal
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Seek positive influence and supports

Despite some life’s inevitable hassles, you must be optimistic and believe that life is worth living and that belief will help you create the fact. Optimism will bring about success which is the best form of revenge, success in this context is being happy and living up to your potentials. Finally, you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

I hold this belief that no one dead can be forgotten, they go to their last resting place. The memories and legacies they left behind will continue living in our minds. That is why it is better to live a positive and happy life, while doing good and passing positive vibes to others; eternal life is beyond religious conviction.

I implore anyone who has lost somebody not to cry and worry too much, all we need is fortitude to bear the loss and immortalize them, the best we can do is to continue blessing their souls. I knew what it feels like, I have lost few loved ones too. No matter their age, we just want them to live forever.

Death can only terminate the biological functions of human, but human soul continues to live in-between time and space. So, memories and legacies of human will determine afterlife. To all our families and friends who have passed on: I pray that God bless their souls, keep them save and grant them all eternal rest until we meet again.

This post is one of ten posts on how to deal with life bitter lemons, which is a collaboration of ten bloggers across the globe who are propelled by positive creative energy and willingness to help people be the best they can be and be able to make lemonade, even after life has handed them a handful of bitter lemons.

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