Be Mindful of the Golden Opportunity  

Life is wonderful and amazing on how it gives out chances and opportunities to humans, but as a creature with large brain, we tend to over-compute details and sometimes we tend lose focus on things that really matters while chasing things that we don’t really need. Some usually says “opportunity comes but once” but I don’t really agree with that maxim.

There are loads of opportunities that will come your way as you walk through the journey of life, but you must be mindful of the golden opportunity as they are rare to come by. As you are treading through this journey called life, you must slow down occasionally and you will realize some great and awesome things which are invisible to you while rushing.

Life is a journey and not a competition, walk the journey of life at your own pace, don’t get distracted by other wayfarers. Be courageous to be autonomous and be mindful in all your endeavors, seize every opportunity that comes your way and where there is none create one. You are a god in your own right, you are not just designed, you are a designer, and all your talents as a designer must be fully utilized in life, to experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

In Nature’s God I Trust

As humans, we usually ponder why nature don’t grant all our wants, but forgetting that it provides all our basic needs always. Nature endowed us with unlimited potentials and we are born to be happy; we get into troubles when more is not enough for us.

During the course of our journey in life, some external forces will try to influence us and sometimes push us into adversities. Life circumstances are tests that require courage to pass, and once we persevere; we will become victorious and successful in life.

Adversities are like washing machine, they knock and spin us around, but at the end, we will come out brighter than before. We can never be given more than we can withstand in life and humans are always superior to their circumstances.

Nature always show us how wonderful and amazing it is to be alive and it always gives us reasons not to give up. I give it all to whatever entity or forces that governs or propels the vast mechanism of the universe; In Nature’s God I trust!

5 Simple Methods to Stay Motivated

Good day happy people, it’s a beautiful day. Some people status on social media and networking platforms today will be: Oh! no, Monday is here again, while some people will be afraid as they believe that Monday is the first day of the 5 days hostage situation. You can take a quick break from your work or study during the day to have a bit of fun to rejuvenate and stay motivated simultaneously.

What ever your thoughts and feelings are about Monday is just normal because you are only human. Fear no Monday, it’s just like other days. Human nature is against any form of hassles, those hassles can be inevitable for people who are working or attending college on weekdays, even for those who are parenting; people just want to sit, relax, have fun and not get disturbed by any activity.

I suppose to be the laziest person because I was born on Sunday, but I never allow that fact to demoralize me and make me who I won’t like to be, Instead I choose to treat everyday of the week as the same, and I rest every time the need be. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, action is the best antidote for procrastination. Utilize grit and optimism to succeed and make the most out of this day.

Below are 5 simple ways to stay motivated:

  • Embrace positivity in all its forms
  • Continue fighting towards your goals
  • Be brave enough to face your fears
  • Be ambitious about your set goals
  • Stay focused on the set plans.

Inspirational Motivation One Year Anniversary

Inspirational Motivation is a year young, I was just trying to attend to the notifications and comments last night when I got this. I was amazed to see it and I’m glad for this great achievement. I pat myself on the back and give gratitude for this success, It’s a dream come true as I never think I would come this far, but it’s funny how time fly.

1 year blogging

Just like yesterday when I posted my first article on this blog, I started for a purpose and to improve on what I love doing; writing. Since I started, I have been through a lot of circumstances just like every other newbie-bloggers, but I never give up, neither on what am doing or on myself. Writing makes me feel great always and it gives me sense of purpose and importance to my readers, knowing for sure that am passing positive vibes to other people, inspiring and motivating them simultaneously.

I give gratitude to all my readers, followers on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and fellow bloggers who has made this success possible, success and prosperity will be the portion of each and everyone of you in all your endeavors; without you all there will be no Inspirational Motivation.

Some might see this as nothing but I practice what I preach; I celebrate little wins while hoping and working towards greater ones. Do not get distracted by fear and failures, focus on chances and how to develop yourself while helping others. All it takes is within you. You are born with unlimited potentials, explore yourself very well and you shall find your gift; it’s in you.

Inspirational Motivation for Writers | Keep on Writing!

As a writer and blogger, you don’t have to worry about not getting much readers on your corner of the internet, don’t expect everybody to like or understand your post; the least that you need are those who always read and understand your writings and those are enough to keep inspiring you in keeping up your awesome works.

Never stop writing, continue doing what you are doing and hope that it will surely reach those who are in need of it. People are looking for those keywords of yours on search engines every seconds; don’t think they are not. They may be sleeping by now and unconscious of your writing, but never forget that their subconscious never sleeps.

Internet has made the world a global village and be rest assure that all it takes is just one person, one view, one understanding and one like. The same person can then share it to his or her friends on other social media platforms and boom! your blog is in limelight; Just relax and watch as the traffic to your blog will increase.

Work well on mastery, autonomy and purpose, you will discover your niche in blogging. Don’t think your ideas are stupid, you’re a genius in your own right, there must be something that you can write about best than anyone else in the world; All you need is motivation and courage to keep on the momentum.

Keep on writing and posting new articles, keep your blog updated; never give up!

Utilize Courage to Survive and Succeed in Life

Living a wonderful and fulfilled life require fortitude. Natural life is not static, it keeps evolving progressively and so is human nature and its biological functions. Situations may arise in life at some point which can be overwhelming, but Nature has blessed humans with the innate trait and strength to withstand those inevitable circumstances.

You can never know how stronger you are until life left you with just one option which is survive and succeed, I call it one because they are interconnected. If you can survive despite adversities, your success is more than sure, and if you manage to succeed despite failures, you will definitely survive in life. All you need is the courage to keep moving.

You will never be given more than you can withstand in life, and if you think your circumstances are bigger than you, they are meant for your personal growth and development. What you resist persist and that is change, it is the only integral part of life which is constant. So, it is left to you to combat those changes and circumstances with positive energy, by maintaining positive mindset, attitude and perspective.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin.

I have found myself in many daunting situations in life, but I subsist, few of these circumstances I can’t even recall how I managed to survive them; but I know that adaptability is one of my greatest character strength. You surely have it as well, but all it takes is courage to summon your innate strengths and put them to work in order to experience a happy, successful, wonderful and fulfilled life.

How to Eradicate Perfectionism

There is nothing bad in setting lofty standards, as most people consider having lofty standards a good thing. Striving for excellent is said to be good as it shows one’s work ethic or strength of character. Perfectionism, on the other hand, is about setting unattainable higher standards, and being a perfectionist can be stressful in several ways.

“We human beings, complicated creatures that we are, tend to appreciate complexity, but that may well be just an aesthetic preference that goes with our sort of lineage; other lineages may be as happy as clams with their ration of simplicity.” – Daniel C. Dennett.

If you are having trouble meeting your own standards, if you are often being told that your standards are too high or if your standard are making it difficult for you to meet deadlines, finish a task, trust others, or do anything spontaneously; you might have issues with perfectionism. Having a problem with perfectionism is a lot like having a “phobia” of making mistakes or being imperfect – you are terrified of making mistakes. Don’t chicken out my friend, there are proven methods to eradicate this habit.

  1. Maintain positive mindset and positive self-image
  2. Quit trying to meet other people’s standards
  3. Stop wasting time worrying about “the petty things”
  4. Compromise by lowering your high standard gradually
  5. Change your perfectionistic behaviors progressively.

Facing your fears and changing your old ways of doing things can be a demanding work. So, make sure you always take the time to reward yourself for any progress and improvement you experience as you are eradicating perfectionism. It is very motivating to give yourself a treat occasionally. I implore you to practice those methods and treat yourself in any way best suitable for you; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindsets Instead of Worrying & Overthinking

You will never be given more than you can withstand in life, but if you think you have been given more that you can withstand, I can assure you that you will subsist. You are in control of your own destiny and you will always be superior to your circumstances. Those circumstances are meant to help you grow through life, if you counter attack them with positive energy.

If you always cultivate and maintain positive mindsets, you will have a beautiful perspective of life. You will see failure as opportunity for growth, you will utilize setback to propel yourself forward, you will be able to learn from your mistakes and you will develop the ability to utilize disappointment as motivation to succeed, as success is the best form of revenge.

Don’t you worry over anything, make effort, be optimistic and be rest assure that your success is just around the corner. Don’t you worry over time, you have seen others success but you’re overthinking about when will you succeed, worrying won’t solve any problems. So, when you are overthinking about something ask yourself: Will this matter in five years?

Worrying leads to mental shotgun which is a term invented by psychologist Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. Basically, it is a term used to describe the process that goes on inside our minds when we over-compute more information than needed at a point in time and human can only spend limited time in the state of mind.

It’s good to think in order to find solution and plan for a way out in some situations, but you need a paradigm shift. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein. Positive thinking will bring about a paradigm shift in your mindsets, you will have clear sense of thinking and experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Regret Nothing and Keep Moving On

Life is a college and experience is the best teacher, that’s why you must learn from life experiences, whether good or bad. As a human, you are adventurous as a child, but through domestication, you are restricted from some things just for your own safety purposes. Domestication may vary, due to cultures, traditions and religious beliefs.

But as a grown adult you must take responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, actions and other things concerning your life in general. As you’re treading through life, you will experience a lot of things, whether good or bad, from those experiences you must learn some life lessons; and the bad experiences like mistakes and failures are opportunity for growth.

If you don’t make mistakes, that means you’re not really trying. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you must be courageous to be optimistic. Mistakes, failures, heartbreaks, disappointments and setbacks are part of life. Whatever you’re going through now may seems daunting, but you’re not alone; many people have experienced those adversities and they subsist.

The harm has been done, your heart seems broken, it gave you no reason, but it left you with questions – will you allow it to break you or utilize your innate courage to be resilient? Regret nothing, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Regret will only give you some sense of resentment, which is bad for you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Life is not about living in the shell of negativity, and you can only eradicate negativity with positivity. Good things only come with a positive vibe. Embrace positivity in all its form and radiate it to those around you. Don’t just go through life, you must grow through life; admit that you can’t change the past, but as the river keeps flowing, continue moving on.

The More You Work, The More Luck You Will Get

The great achievers don’t really believe in luck, instead of feeling lucky, they work harder, they are always prepared, they don’t take advantage but they seize every opportunity that comes their way as they walk the journey of life. “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” – Thomas Jefferson.

Been prepared is to be well ready, set, equipped and organised, possessing all these qualities, being self-motivated and having positive mindsets will serve as drive towards achieving greater goals and unlimited success in life.

Considering yourself lucky will kept you in your comfort zone, and you won’t be able to explore. You are endowed with great potentials, and you must live up to your potentials; you must live a wonderful fulfilled life.

You have all it takes to live that awesome life that you always aspire, let your desire take you higher. You remain a god in your own right and you are the master of your own destiny; you can discover or create and experience a limitless life.

I dare challenge you to unleash the go-getter in you!