Be Good Get Better – BGGB

Be Good Get Better attitude will raise your altitude, and prepare you for success. Socrates stated that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” If you admit that fact, you will continue learning more about life and everything around it. Remember, the more you see, the less you know. That’s why you must choose learning as a lifelong process, as it will aid your personal development and success in life. In everything you do, you may be struggling to be perfect, perhaps that can be stressful. Remember, no one born is perfect, and no one will ever be. That’s why you must do your best in every situation you found yourself, leave the rest, and move on with your life.

The concept of be good get better is great to an extent it is applicable to your art of living. Consider everything you do as a practice, and always do your best in every session of engaging in that task. The more effort you put in every session of that task, the better you become. However, don’t forget there is always a room for improvements, that’s why the concept is called be good get better – BGGB, there is no such thing as perfection. The hassle of perfectionism is, of course, a pain in the neck. It usually become daunting at some stage, that’s why you must not venture into it. In conclusion, adopt the “be good get better” attitude; and it will raise your altitude.


Keep the Momentum and Succeed in Life

It takes courage to achieve remarkable goals in life. Yet, it takes an impeccable courage to act in achieving significant goals in life. Life is inherently risky, and one must take risk at some point in life to learn and achieve, as the greatest risk lies in being passive in the name of patience. You must never assimilate to constant pain and suffering in the name of perseverance; when you are born to stand out and be great in your endeavors in life.

Good things come to those who wait, but those who are always on the move attain the best; that’s where comfort zone comes into this issue. Some people love to sit back and watch things as they pass, while hoping and praying without making effort. However, others are always at alert to grab any opportunity that comes their way, knowing that some chances come once in a lifetime. No great achievement come with ease, that’s why sacrifice always come before peace.

There is difference between pain and suffering. Pain persists in life, but suffering is a choice. When some people take risk to achieve significant goals in life, they admitted that pain or sacrifice are inevitable. Those who can take the risk to achieve their goals have no fear for failure, knowing that fear of failure is a huge hindrance in achieving their dreams. The go-getters are success oriented, they only see their goals, and they don’t believe in failure.

Remember, Einstein stated that “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Also, Franklin D. Roosevelt asserted that “There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” You can join the league of the go-getters by deciding to move out of your comfort zone; you will start getting the best things that you deserve and start achieving significant goals in life.

Never Give Up, Get Prepared for Success!

Don’t give up in all your endeavors and on yourself, I know it takes courage to carry on with life despite all the inevitable circumstances, but I can assure you that you will always be superior to your circumstances. You will never be given more than you can withstand in life, and if you ever found yourself in a situation that seems bigger than you can control, do not say “why me!” just say “try me!!” that is you been courageous in the face of adversity and that will make you more resilient. Don’t just go through life, you must grow through life.

“Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths, when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender; that is strength.”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just like yesterday when I posted my first article on this blog, I started for a purpose and to improve on what I love doing, which is writing. Since I started, I have been through a lot of circumstances just like every other newbie-bloggers, but I never give up, neither on what am doing nor on myself. Writing makes me feel great always and it gives me sense of purpose and importance to my readers, knowing for sure that am passing positive vibes to others and motivating them simultaneously.


I give gratitude to all my readers, followers and fellow bloggers who has made this success possible, success and prosperity will be the portion of each and everyone of you; without you all, there will be no Inspirational Motivation. I just reached another landmark in my blogging statistics, some might see it as nothing, but I practice what I preach, I celebrate little wins while hoping and working towards greater ones.

Do not get distracted by fear and failures, focus on chances and how to develop yourself while helping others. All it takes is within you, you are born with unlimited potentials, explore yourself very well and you shall find your gift; it’s in you. Shine your light!! You will be successful and experience a delightful and fulfilled life.

DigiThanks Review

Greetings to you all happy and grateful people, this article is a review of DigiThanks, which is the most diverse gratitude project of its kind to date. Various people from over forty countries around the globe have participated in this online gratitude project. I met the founder of DigiThanks whose name is Sedi Johnson on the blogosphere, and I realize that we are being propelled by the same positive energy.

DigiThanks have a WordPress blog where articles about gratitude are posted and an Instagram page where people shares authentic stories and photos that express each contributor’s gratitude to someone or something in the world around them. Also, amazing quotes and scientific facts behind gratitude can be found on the Instagram page.

The purpose of this review is to spread the word about DigiThanks and get people thinking about the importance of gratitude in their lives. DigiThanks and Inspirational Motivation will be working together due to our niche, for my blog is about inspiring and motivating readers to be happy and think positively and DigiThanks will be reminding the readers the importance of gratitude.

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Gratitude is the best attitude, and having the attitude of gratitude is one powerful and most important trait for those who have it. Gratitude is more like courage, the more you practice gratitude, the better your life experience; for there is blessing in everything that happens to you in life. However, you must be hopeful and courageous to adopt the attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful for the gift life, stop looking at things you don’t have, and start giving gratitude for all you have. Gratitude is a perk of positive mindset, it will create positive vibes in your life. Practicing gratitude will uplift your soul and keep your creative juice flowing. Gratitude remains the best attitude, it is gratitude that bring happiness; happiness will then bring success.

Kindly visit DigiThanks on WordPress and Instagram. Also, if you would like to participate in the Instagram online gratitude project, you can contact Sedi the founder of DigiThanks on

Thanks for reading.

Liberation Through Communication

We humans are not as free as we think, as our thoughts usually hold us captive at some point, which make us scared to express ourselves. Being a prisoner to our own thoughts is bad, as no one can liberate us from this prison of mind but ourselves; and the only way we can liberate ourselves is to express ourselves without fear, either metaphorically or literally.

That’s why some people choose various type of arts like poetry, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, speaking, and writing which is therapeutic as a means of expressing their feelings to the world around them. The art of communication is one powerful and most important characteristic of humans. In addition, a person’s success depends on effective communication.

Liberation through communication is one great means of avoiding stress and anxiety, and being between these two Scylla and Charybdis can make life tough. Nevertheless, if you can be courageous to express those thoughts in your mind in any way suitable for you, then you have achieved personal freedom. Moreover, other people around you may be liberated when they get in touch with you or your piece.

Achieving personal freedom will help you experience the joy of being, you will be successful – being happy and living up to your potentials, and it will keep your creative juice flowing.

Achieving Personal Happiness

Good day happy people, I hope you are all feeling great today. In my previous post, I posted a quote about work-life balance, and I hope you all understand the depth of that quote. There is more to life than living with stress and anxiety. You’re born joyful and that’s the reason you must be happy in life.

However, you may experience one of those days, don’t panic and don’t let that weigh you down; you must summon your courage and stay strong. You may not have absolute control over everything that happens in your life, but you surely have control over your thoughts. Teach your mind to be positive and see goodness in every situation, that is what matter most.

Enjoying yourself, is to be in joy with your body, soul, and spirit. Happiness comes from nowhere but within, and only you can make yourself happy. Treat yourself after every accomplishment, it may be anything like – shopping for yourself, socialize with friends, take a getaway trip, go to cinema or concert and you can do whatever it is that is suitable for you.

If you consider doing any of those activities, you will feel how your heart will be filled with abundant joy, and being happy in life is all that matters.


Let’s Talk About Dream

When you heard about dream, what comes to your mind? Dream is a mental picture of life, and some people believe that life stops the day human stop dreaming, but life never stop, it keeps evolving progressively; with or without dreams. However, a dream left without acting upon can die and fade away. Thus, when dream dies, life becomes a bird with a broken wing.

People dream various types of dreams, which are based on their thoughts and feelings. But the ability to dream or have vision into future events is one of the greatest gift a human can have. The gift of vision is awesome, and it can support the plan of making a dream reality.

People will say – I see myself having the perfect body, driving my own car, living in my own house, having a perfect family, having a well-paid job and so on. Every day people have different dreams, which are based on any thought or feeling that dominates their mind. In addition, for these dreams to become reality, people must wake up and act upon their dreams.

Successful people always have a vision, a plan, and they do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality, while believing that a little progress each day adds up to big results. It’s good to dream and to believe in the beauty of such dream. As a human endowed with potentials, you must not dream your life, you must live your dreams; by working on your dreams every day.


Humans Greatest Achievement in Life

The pride of humans is not in their sexuality, physical appearance, or aptitudes as all humans are endowed differently. However, those gifts of nature may contribute to the success of each person in life, if used aptly.

Whereas, the strongest achievement which all humans can take pride from, is to love themselves, be themselves, and shine amongst those who never believed they could; that’s the greatest success and a sign of victory.


Achieving Personal Freedom

There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain persists as long you are alive and dealing with others but suffering is a choice. You may put yourself into sufferings, if you usually have emotional reaction to everything that is said to you.

If words control you, that means everyone else can control you. Also, if anyone speak negatively to you and you negatively react instantly, that means you agree that the person know exactly what is going on in your life.

True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic; true power is restraint. Just breathe and allow things to pass, and you will feel the true freedom from within. Then you will know that the greatest of all freedom which is a necessity for all human is personal freedom. Thus, you will experience the joy of being after achieving it.

Dare to Stand Up for Yourself

Sometimes you must take from life that which belongs to you. In the journey to attain success, life may seem like a struggle, and when life pound you to the ground, will you get up right away and punch life in the face or curl up in a fetus position on the ground? When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back; It takes courage to succeed in life.

Some hindrances are just inevitable during the quest for success, and the best you can do is to be courageous, resilient and optimistic to withstand those hindrances as they come. But they will eventually pass by. “Tough times don’t last longer but tough people do”. Your role is to play the hero of your own story and heroes are made through tears, sweat and blood. Therefore, do not bend nor succumb to those hindrances. The greatest achievers of all time are the ones that make history with the spirit of ‘let’s face it’.

Some people just want you to be good, but never want you to be better than them. That’s life and you surely know that; that’s why you must be soldier of yourself sometimes. Haters will talk, “Let ‘em say”. Just care less about them and don’t keep their thoughts in your mind in order to have some free mental space.

There are many successful people in the world that has been a victim of hatred, disappointment, setback, rejection, discrimination and so on, due to the people in their circle. But do you know one secret? Troubles are like washing machines that beat us down, hit us, spin and twist us all over, but in the end, we will come out brighter and sparkling.

The best you can do is to stand up for yourself, be yourself, and shine amongst those who never believed you could make it in life.