Sunday Motivation: Utilize Motivation to Succeed


You are born with unlimited potentials
Your achievement is limitless
Motivation is a lifeblood
Always remember.

Motivation is essential in your life
Motivation is the greatest map
It will take you to success island
Where your treasures are kept.

Motivation -> mastery – autonomy – purpose
Your drive to achieve remarkable success
If you can stay motivated always
You will experience a fulfilled life.

Perks of Positive Mindsets for Optimists


Positive mindset is the lifeblood of the optimists

It is the basis of their perspective towards life

So much to be an optimist with positive mindsets

Optimists consider failure as an opportunity for growth

Optimists consider setbacks as a success in disguise

Optimists can utilize disappointments as motivation

Knowing that success is the best form of revenge

Optimists are bold, courageous and resilient beings

Optimists always utilize their good sanguineness

To discover or create, and experience a fulfilled life.


Writing: That’s What I Do

I do what I do
It replace my mood
I’m sure you’d like it too
What I do satisfy my mind
What I do satisfy my fans
That’s why I stand a chance
I’m doing great with writing
Writing is my great strength
I will use writing to transform
I will use writing to touch many lives
That’s my way of giving back to the world
I have been writing ever since I can remember
I write to inspire and motivate people to be living intentionally
I write to inspire and motivate people to live up to their potentials
I write to motivate people to cultivate and maintain positive mindsets
I have been writing since my mind is always filled with unsaid thoughts
I will continue writing to inspire people to do more of what they love doing
My subconscious indicated that my writings will bring salvation to generations.


Inspirational motivation is here to help people live a life of purpose with courage needed to discover or create and experience a wonderful life that is worth living. You could possibly do more by writing, speaking, or any other ways suitable for you and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life, by helping in making our world a better place.

Gratitude for Sun and Rain

I have touch and feel the rain
I have seen it fall in abundant
I have seen the sun rise
I have watch the sun set

I was born in the place of the sun
Where the sun never set nor rise
Now living on a little island
Where rainfall never stop nor start

Nature gives rain all year round here
I never complain about sun or rain
Knowing they are serving their purpose
I am glad for this realization

I am grateful to Nature
For giving us the sun and the rain
They are two different forces
But they aid our being and existence

Sun and rain are great life force combined
They support the growth and existence
They support the survival of all life forms
I give it all to Nature for these phenomena.

Monday Motivation: Start Your Day with Gratitude


Be thankful for the life you have got
Stop looking at things you never get
Give gratitude for all you have got.

Gratitude is a perk of positive mindset
It will create positive vibes in your life
Practicing gratitude will uplift your soul.

Gratitude remains the best attitude
It is gratitude that bring happiness
Happiness will then bring success.

Start your Monday with gratitude
It will get you through the day
You will have a blissful week.

Inspirational Motivation Thanksgiving

Inspirational Motivation Thanks

I can’t stand a hypocrite that’s why I can’t be one
I dislike manipulator that’s why I chose to be motivator

The attitude of gratitude is the major part of my doctrine
Gratitude is best attitude and I practice it always

I give much thanks to you readers, visitors & followers
for the love and support given to this great blog

Inspirational Motivation gives all due gratitude
knowing that without you there is no me or this blog

I vow to stay inspired while motivating you all
I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous day!

Life is A Roller Coaster

Image result for Rollercoaster

Life is like a roller coaster
It can throw you up
Lower you again
You will think
You’re falling
But life will
Catch you

If you’re
To be optimistic
You will kill your fear
You will survive the tide
You will enjoy the life’s spin
You will make most of the journey.

My Darkness Fades Away


As life progresses, images blur
All that remain are memories
Truth is the only child of time
When I was a young little boy
I used to be afraid of the dark
One day my grandfather told me
It is normal to be afraid of the dark
The real tragedy in life is
When one is afraid of the light
That truth stuck in my limbic system
My fear of the dark vanishes ever since.

Monday Motivation: Utilize the Happiness Advantage


You are born to be happy not to be perfect
I implore you to utilize that happiness
advantage to live a joyful life.

Once you are happy, you will have a positive
perspective of life and you will be able
to pass the positive vibes to others.

Life is not meant to be live in a shell of negativity
Good things come with positive vibes
surround yourself with positivity.

You will be amazed seeing your dreams coming
true when you remain happy and you will
experience a wonderful fulfilled life.