Creating a Wonderful Life with Vision


Vision is the art of vividly seeing things that are invisible to others
You can positively use vision to see the bigger pictures of life
You can positively use vision to foresee a brighter future
You can make the most of your life with vision & plan
Vision > Mission > Goal > Strategy > Action Plan
Because vision without mission is omission.

Life belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their vision
Dream bigger and have great imagination like the children
If you have the ability to dream, then you can achieve
Believe in the beauty of your dream and add effort
Then you will see your vision becoming reality.

You are the master of your own destiny
You are a god in your own right
You have all it takes within you
You must discover/create
You must experience
A wonderful life.

Positive Provocation: I Have a Vision of Greatness

As I woke up again this morning
I’m glad that my precious soul
is been preserved to see a new day
I’m grateful to be among the living souls
I’m glad for this realization, knowing that
As long as there is life, there is hope and
believing the best is yet to come, being an optimist.

I say some affirmative prayers
I released it onto forces of nature
I kept myself in meditation mode
As I was connecting to my source
I had a great vision of success
I serve as a spectator of my own life
I saw that I was born to be great
I saw all that I need to do to be great
In this vision, I was on a mission of greatness
I will be happy in life and achieve some greatness
I will be successful in my field of profession
I will have a partner that we will both love each other
We will both have children and raise a happy family.

I’m grateful that I am the master of my own destiny
I will work my ass off towards achieving my set goals
Because a vision without mission is just an omission
After all were seen, said and done; I will live my destiny
With splendour, I will age gently like a fine wine
I will always be happy in my life and here after.

Perks of Positive Mindset

I sleep hoping to see a new day
I pray & give thanks every day
I say prayer of affirmation
Instead of supplication

The little I’ve got I appreciate
So their value won’t depreciate
My life is a continuous process
So I give no chance for regress

I always celebrate my little wins
While working to achieve more
I only see myself succeeding in life
I don’t belief in failure in life

If I made a mistake, I’m not a loser
Failure is a success in disguise
I see it as opportunity for growth

No matter what happens
I always make myself happy
I always practice gratitude
Because it’s the best attitude

Positive Affirmations for Self-Compassion

I’m wise because I’ve been foolish
I laugh because I’ve known sadness
I’m perfect because I know my flaws
I’m strong because I know my weakness

I vow not to cry again but to always smile
I vow not to take advantage but chances
I vow to achieve my goals by going extra mile
I vow not to blame myself or others for my messes

I will live life to the fullest no matter what happens
I will make life lively for myself with the little I’ve got
I will be glad and grateful in life no matter what happens
I will continue staying positively alive in this lifetime I’ve got

It’s A Beautiful Day: Welcome A New Day with Positive Mindset


It’s a beautiful day
As the sun light-up the earth today
It gives a blessed assurance that
It is a beautiful day; a day filled with
Great joy, hope, peace and harmony
Start the day with positive affirmations
Proclaim all you need to get you through the day
Sound health, vitality, serenity, courage, wisdom & equanimity.

Maintain positive mindsets
Knowing there’s nothing wrong with you
Things may not go your way at the moment
You must be courageous and keep your head up
You will never be given more than you can withstand
As a human, you are superior to your circumstances in life
You have all it takes to discover, create & experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


Positive Provocation: Positively Staying Alive (Part 2)

Ajibola works posi

I was born crying but I will smile till eternity
I was born naked but I will be clothed forever
I was born old but I will live forever young
I cried when I was born but continue staying
positively alive since I’ve mastered the art of living.
I own life and life owe me, isn’t that cute?
I own life: it’s my life and I must live it to the fullest
Life owe me: I’m to be preserved to achieve all my dreams and fulfill my purpose,
which is to be successful (being happy and living up to my potentials) in life.
I will radiate positive energy and spread positivity across the universe
I will lay down a great legacy by leaving impact for eternity.

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Motivation to Start Your Day


Many woke up today knowing what they ought to do
Many woke up today thinking of what to do
Life is all about certainty and uncertainty
But each person alive has choice
On how to spend their
Precious time.

Whether you already know what to do today or not
All you need to make your day fulfilled are
Motivation, courage, will and hope
There is no limit out there
You can achieve more
Than you think.

I implore you to boot from your strap now!
If you don’t act now, then when?

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Welcome a new day with positive mindset
Knowing well that it’s going to be
A great day.

A day full of hope
A day full of joy
A day full of peace
A day full of motivation

Boot from your strap, you’ve got much to do
Start the day with gratitude
It’s the best attitude.

A day closer to your success
A day closer to your breakthrough
A day closer to your great achievement
A day closer to your awaiting aspired life

A good morning makes it a great day for:
White and blue collar workers
Students and all living souls.

If you do your works with honesty and pride
You will see your dreams coming true
You will experience a fulfilled life.

Good morning and I wish you all motivation,
Inspiration, courage and all it takes
To get you through the day.