Motivation to Start Your Day


Many woke up today knowing what they ought to do
Many woke up today thinking of what to do
Life is all about certainty and uncertainty
But each person alive has choice
On how to spend their
Precious time.

Whether you already know what to do today or not
All you need to make your day fulfilled are
Motivation, courage, will and hope
There is no limit out there
You can achieve more
Than you think.

I implore you to boot from your strap now!
If you don’t act now, then when?

Monday Motivation: Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindset


Cultivating positive thoughts
Maintaining positive mindset
Won’t only give you rest of mind
It will also make you feel blessed
It will keep your soul lifted
Finally, you will feel gifted.

Positive mindset will make you happy
It will increase your overall productivity
It keep your creative juice flowing at work
You will feel gifted in all aspect of life.

Be courageous enough to stay positive
In all your endeavors in life
Impossible will change into I’m-possible
Good morning makes a great day
Stay blessed and I wish you all
A wonderful week ahead.

Perks of Positive Mindsets


Positive mindset is the lifeblood of the optimists

It is the basis of their perspective towards life

So much to be an optimist with positive mindsets

Optimists consider failure as an opportunity for growth

Optimists consider setbacks as a success in disguise

Optimists can utilize disappointments as motivation

Knowing that success is the best form of revenge

Optimists are bold, courageous and resilient beings

They always utilize their sanguineness in order

To discover or create and experience a fulfilled life.


Inspirational Motivation Thanksgiving

Inspirational Motivation Thanks

I can’t stand a hypocrite that’s why I can’t be one
I dislike manipulator that’s why I chose to be motivator

The attitude of gratitude is the major part of my doctrine
Gratitude is best attitude and I practice it always

I give much thanks to you readers, visitors & followers
for the love and support given to this great blog

Inspirational Motivation gives all due gratitude
knowing that without you there is no me or this blog

I vow to stay inspired while motivating you all
I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous day!

Rule your world!


It is your life
You own it exclusively
Take control of your life
Be bold and courageous
Start living intentionally.

It is your life
It can be like a movie
But I can assure you
that you need no
script nor director.

You are a god
in your own right
You are the master
of your own destiny
Be bold, govern your life.

Be yourself in life
Be optimistic in life
You have all it takes
You will experience
A wonderful fulfilled life.

Be Bold to Reveal Yourself


You are not your looks, your gender or your weight
You are not where you were born, or who your parents are
You are not always what you want to be.

You are what you do in your life, and who you help
You are the legacy you are making to leave behind one day
You are what you do with this life you were given.

Don’t let other people judge you on the things you are not
Whatever they may say about you doesn’t define you
Be bold to let them see who you truly are.

Shine your light to eradicate all darkness and negativity
Reveal your true positive self-image to the world
You will be successful and experience a fulfilled life.

Sunday Motivation: Believe In Yourself


Never live your life based on the opinion,
perspective and philosophy of others.
You are given your own brain to think
Use reason and devise your own philosophy of life
Live by your philosophy, be yourself and stay real
Don’t be the second-rate version of someone else.

You are competent than you can ever imagine
Spread your wings and soar higher into the ether
Shine your light to illuminate your life.

You remain a god in your own right
You are the master of your own destiny
Believe in yourself and the power of your potentials
You have all it takes to discover or create
You must experience a fulfilled and wonderful life.

Positive Provocation: Morning Affirmation to Bless the Day

As I woke up, I give gratitude for my precious soul has been preserved till today
I’m glad to be among the living souls that will experience goodness today.

I’m grateful for the gift of life
I’m grateful for the breath of life
I’m grateful for seeing a new day
I’m grateful for all I have today.

As the new day unfold, I proclaim:
Serenity to accept things I can’t change
Courage to change the things I can
Wisdom to know the difference.

As I gradually evolve into this day:
I proclaim success and prosperity in all my endeavors today
I proclaim joy, peace of mind and positivity in all its form today
I proclaim more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be mine today
I proclaim health, energy, vitality, tenacity and equanimity to be mine today
I proclaim all virtues and all physical attributes needed to get me through today.

As for me, my family, friends, loved ones and relatives:
I proclaim that nature keep, feed, protect, provide, nurture and make us flourish.

I proclaim that nature will give peace to the dead, save the living souls, bless humanity and make our world a place where dreams come true, a place where peace and love will flow like milk and honey; and everyone will live in harmony.

I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m peaceful, I’m protected
I’m whole, I’m strong, I’m powerful, I’m courageous
I’m confident, I’m perfect, I’m loving, I’m harmonious.

I release my affirmation into the creative energy of the universe, believing that it is done and so it is. I am grateful for this realization, at the end of today I will have full joy to give gratitude, knowing that it is the best attitude.

Gratitude Brings Happiness

I was crying I have no shoes
contented but not fulfilled
when I saw someone without leg;
I was grateful.

Then I knew that I did not have all
the problems in the world and I have
more to be grateful for;
So, I started practicing gratitude
knowing it is the best attitude.

Folks, no one will be given more than
S/he can withstand in life
staying positively alive and maintaining
positive mindsets is the only way to:
discover, create and experience –
a wonderful fulfilled life…