Nobody Is Everything: We Are All Unique

Unique people.jpg

Nobody is inferior
Nobody is superior
People are incomparable
Everyone is simply unique
You are yourself and I am me
I have to discover my own being
You have to discover your own being
I have to contribute my potential to life
You have to contribute your potential to life
Find your purpose in life and live a life of purpose
Live your own life and you will experience a better life
Utilize conscious reasoning & know we are here for a purpose
Never think your ideas are stupid, and don’t give up on yourself
Never stand down, you can spark an idea that will change the world
Believe in yourself, you have more potentials like those successful people
Your uniqueness is what makes you a limited edition, you are not a weirdo
Be courageous to show your amazing self & you will experience a wonderful life.



Lost in The Woods Pt. 2


Like a stray stallion absconding battlefield
I hit the ground running through the woods
Twice as fast I can feel my heart pounding
Beneath my ribcage I can feel the uproar
Gasping… I swim over crawl under
Dodgy and foggy is the main path
The path less traveled I took instead
Only few wayfarers I encountered
Through the sylvan glade I PUSH
Landed in a lush green and wooded dell
Vistas of sylvan charm soothes my soul
I can see the sky and what’s behind
Here I am – victory at last
To the gravel that get me here I give gratitude.

Monday Motivation: Utilize the Happiness Advantage


You are born to be happy not to be perfect
I implore you to utilize that happiness
advantage to live a joyful life.

Once you are happy, you will have a positive
perspective of life and you will be able
to pass the positive vibes to others.

Life is not meant to be lived in a shell of negativity
Good things come with positive vibes
surround yourself with positivity.

You will be amazed seeing your dreams coming
true when you remain happy and you will
experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Monday Motivation: Shine Your Light!

Ajibola works possible

There is no animal in the wilderness that
cannot be trapped, all it takes is to
set the right trap at the right place.

Also, there is nothing impossible to
achieve in life, all it takes are confidence,
courage and appropriate willpower.

Unleash your innate survival instincts
Find and utilize your inborn potentials
Your achievements are unlimited.

You have all it takes to be an achiever
Shine your light, you will experience
wonderful and fulfilled life.

Rock City

The amazing rock city
City of happy people
People live by the day
They hustle to survive

Leaders practice nepotism
Wealth is not distributed
Common man hustle daily
Just to get his fair share

Standard of living varies
From grandeur to slum
Food, shelter and attire
Are necessity in rock city

Optimism is the lifeblood
The endurance of the populace
Is rare to find in another city
They live in the now, while
Hoping for a better tomorrow

Life is infinite in rock city
The home of courageous people
The city is set on the rock
Nature blessed rock city.

Lost in The Woods


I woke up in a deep, dense woods
Filled with confusion and doubt
Unable to see, from where I stood
A discernible pathway out

For a long time, I wandered
Till I observed along the way
A previous wayfarer’s standard
A path for all to obey

I became conscious, as I was heeding
The path I was on leads nowhere
The signs it left were misleading
And comprised an unconscious snare

It was not enough to ignore them
Once the deception became known
I took the time and I tore them
As I created a pathway of my own

Despite all the sensation of fear
I chose to be brave in the woods
I don’t chicken out because of fear
Instead, I soldier on in the woods

Forging onward, persevering
I can’t do nothing else but try
To cut through to a clearing
Where I can clearly see the sky.


This post first appear here in July, 2016 but later re-edited. © 2017 Inspirational Motivation.  

Monday Motivation: Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindset


Cultivating positive thoughts
Maintaining positive mindset
Won’t only give you rest of mind
It will also make you feel blessed
It will keep your soul lifted
Finally, you will feel gifted.

Positive mindset will make you happy
It will increase your overall productivity
It keep your creative juice flowing at work
You will feel gifted in all aspect of life.

Be courageous enough to stay positive
In all your endeavors in life
Impossible will change into I’m-possible
Good morning makes a great day
Stay blessed and I wish you all
A wonderful week ahead.

Sunday Motivation: Live Your Life


Death is not the greatest loss in life
The greatest loss is when life dies inside human while still alive
No one asked to be born into this life, that’s why it’s called gift of life
Life is a greatest phenomenon to everyone who is alive
So, let’s celebrate this event called LIFE!!!

Be Bold to Reveal Your True self


You are not your looks, your gender or your weight
You are not where you were born, or who your parents are
You are not always what you want to be.

You are what you do in your life, and who you help
You are the legacy you are making to leave behind one day
You are what you do with this life you were given.

Don’t let other people judge you on the things you are not
Whatever they may say about you doesn’t define you
Be bold to let them see who you truly are.

Shine your light to eradicate all darkness and negativity
Reveal your true positive self-image to the world
You will be successful and experience a fulfilled life.