Liberation Through Communication

We humans are not as free as we think, as our thoughts usually hold us captive at some point, which make us scared to express ourselves. Being a prisoner to our own thoughts is bad, as no one can liberate us from this prison of mind but ourselves; and the only way we can liberate ourselves is to express ourselves without fear, either metaphorically or literally.

That’s why some people choose various type of arts like poetry, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, speaking, and writing which is therapeutic as a means of expressing their feelings to the world around them. The art of communication is one powerful and most important characteristic of humans. In addition, a person’s success depends on effective communication.

Liberation through communication is one great means of avoiding stress and anxiety, and being between these two Scylla and Charybdis can make life tough. Nevertheless, if you can be courageous to express those thoughts in your mind in any way suitable for you, then you have achieved personal freedom. Moreover, other people around you may be liberated when they get in touch with you or your piece.

Achieving personal freedom will help you experience the joy of being, you will be successful – being happy and living up to your potentials, and it will keep your creative juice flowing.


Quote of the day


Humans are the most complex creature, that’s why we usually seek after complexity; while forgetting that seeking and enjoying simplicity is the basis of everlasting joy in life.

Achieving Personal Happiness

Good day happy people, I hope you are all feeling great today. In my previous post, I posted a quote about work-life balance, and I hope you all understand the depth of that quote. There is more to life than living with stress and anxiety. You’re born joyful and that’s the reason you must be happy in life.

However, you may experience one of those days, don’t panic and don’t let that weigh you down; you must summon your courage and stay strong. You may not have absolute control over everything that happens in your life, but you surely have control over your thoughts. Teach your mind to be positive and see goodness in every situation, that is what matter most.

Enjoying yourself, is to be in joy with your body, soul, and spirit. Happiness comes from nowhere but within, and only you can make yourself happy. Treat yourself after every accomplishment, it may be anything like – shopping for yourself, socialize with friends, take a getaway trip, go to cinema or concert and you can do whatever it is that is suitable for you.

If you consider doing any of those activities, you will feel how your heart will be filled with abundant joy, and being happy in life is all that matters.