Nobody Is Everything: We Are All Unique

Unique people.jpg

Nobody is inferior
Nobody is superior
People are incomparable
Everyone is simply unique
You are yourself and I am me
I have to discover my own being
You have to discover your own being
I have to contribute my potential to life
You have to contribute your potential to life
Find your purpose in life and live a life of purpose
Live your own life and you will experience a better life
Utilize conscious reasoning & know we are here for a purpose
Never think your ideas are stupid, and don’t give up on yourself
Never stand down, you can spark an idea that will change the world
Believe in yourself, you have more potentials like those successful people
Your uniqueness is what makes you a limited edition, you are not a weirdo
Be courageous to show your amazing self & you will experience a wonderful life.



Sunday Motivation: Be Optimistic and Live Intentionally

To grow in life we need a little change, and these changes doesn’t come easy, they usually come in unpleasant forms, but Nature has endowed us with innate strength to subsist, despite series of tidal waves we may encounter in life.

Most of the things that are crucial to our lives are determined by biology and culture, but the only way to take over the ownership of life is by learning to direct psychic energy in line with our own intentions.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, when life is dragging you back with difficulties or unpleasant circumstances, it means it’s preparing to launch you into something great, all you have to do is to just stay focused and be optimistic; the courage to be optimistic and live intentionally will make you experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Lost in The Woods Pt. 2


Like a stray stallion absconding battlefield
I hit the ground running through the woods
Twice as fast I can feel my heart pounding
Beneath my ribcage I can feel the uproar
Gasping… I swim over crawl under
Dodgy and foggy is the main path
The path less traveled I took instead
Only few wayfarers I encountered
Through the sylvan glade I PUSH
Landed in a lush green and wooded dell
Vistas of sylvan charm soothes my soul
I can see the sky and what’s behind
Here I am – victory at last
To the gravel that get me here I give gratitude.

Persistence Beats Resistance

Success is what I am living for, but throughout my life journey searching for external success, I have got more NO than YES, and those few YESES I have got are golden YESES. Those YESES are my remarkable success that I persevere to achieve despite many NOS which are failures; and through this experience, I knew that persistence beats resistance in all ways.

In the process of working towards achieving success in life, many people will say they are pushing, that PUSH is a verb, but also a great acronym that signify an amazing motivational phrase. PUSH – Persist Until Something Happens; that’s my definition of push in any endeavor that will bring about a remarkable success. Winners are not the people who never fail but people who never quit, you can join the league of successful people as well, but you must PUSH.

To be able to push while you are working towards achieving your goals, you must be courageous to be resilient, confident and optimistic. Perseverance, determination and focus are the keys to universal success. If you can push while having a sharp vision of what you are aiming for in life, then success is a sure thing for you and your achievement is limitless.


The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter

Laughter remains the best medicine. A simple smile or laugh has much power than we can ever imagine, and a laugh goes a long way. Have you ever heard of someone who went to the doctor seeking treatment for stress, and the doctor prescribed more laughter? Well, you better believe it!

Humor is contagious, that’s why laughter is far more infectious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together, increases happiness and intimacy; laughter also activates healthy physical and emotional changes in the body.

Physical health benefits of laughter: Laughter helps relax your muscles, laughter also boosts your immune system, it goes a long way to help boost your immunity, helps prevent heart disease and lowers the stress hormones

Mental health benefits of laughter: Adds zest and oomph to life, improves your overall mood, works amazingly to enhance resilience and it helps ease fear and anxiety

Social benefits of laughter: Helps strengthen relationships, helps attract good vibrations from others, laughter enhances team work and cooperation, also laughter works well in diffusing conflicts and disagreements

How to bring more laughter and humor into your life: Smile more, counting your blessings, move towards laughter and humor, by spending time with funny people, and cultivate humor (you don’t have to be Kevin Hart or Melissa McCarthy).