The Six Human Emotional Needs

Motivational theorists and social scientists have been studying motivation for decades, trying to find out what motivates our behavior, how and why. Dozens of theories of motivation have been proposed over the years. The crux of those theories is that individuals’ most basic needs must be met before they become motivated to achieve higher level needs. Below are few motivating factors which drives human behavior.

Personal Growth
Self-development is a lifetime process. It is a procedure for human to evaluate their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. As our lives goes on with series of transformations, we need growth to keep-up.

This is another crucial motivating factor which determine the level of human motivation. As human we life to accomplish something; especially by superior ability, special effort and great courage. Thinking of our achievements will give us sense of honour, self-respect and great esteem.

As human we all need the significance to keep existing as human, Merriam-Webster dictionary define significance as “the quality of being important; the quality of having notable worth or influence”. This include self-worth and reputation.

Love & Connection
Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. As human we all need love and connection to continue existing. Love is complete acceptance and it is completely unconditional.

All humans are born for a purpose, there are reasons why we are here, that’s why we all need to play our parts in life. Living is not about being passive. As human, we must be active in anywhere we found ourselves and we must contribute towards a greater good.

I always call it MAP: Mastery – Autonomy – Purpose. Those are the drive which is helping us to continue staying alive positively. All human needs MAP to walk the journey of life in this 21st century. There is no limit to the achievements of humans who are well motivated.

Finding Hope in the Labyrinth of Life

We have all get lost at a point in time in our lives, it happened to some of us when we are younger. It might be in a large shopping centre or in a crowded city centre on a day out with our parents, but the funniest part is that, as a child we won’t agree that we are lost; instead all we got to say is “my mommy or daddy is lost”, while the struggle continue until we are found.

This issue of getting lost and found as a human is common, because we are prone to lose concentration and focus on what we are doing or where we are going. Sometimes we can also get lost in the state of mind because we are not meant to live in the state of mind, and this happens if we think too much about anything that is bothering our mind.

Human are prone to fall into traps set by others and it happens to those obsessed with food, sex, car, clothing etc. As human, our biological instinct is always there to set us right back on track whenever we feel lost in the state of mind, when go off the right road leading us somewhere or when life seems to be a labyrinth.

When some people regain consciousness that they have been lost, they will start complaining that “life is too short”, forgetting that they have wasted most of their times perambulating in the same place or wasted their time doing something that are not worthwhile; things that does not have positive impact in their life.

Life is not short, what some people lack is focus. Focus to live intentionally, focus to base their thoughts on positivity, focus to be able to live impact for eternity, focus to be able to practice mindfulness and focus to be able to stay motivated always.

The journey of life is filled with distractions, wayfarers and passers-by, but among them is you and you are here for a purpose. So, I implore you to focus on your life and discover or create a purpose to live for. Who do you spend your time with? That matters a lot too, you must make your circle perfectly round by relating with positive folks that have common goals as you.

To walk the journey of life, you need courage to be optimistic and stay focus on motivation (mastery – autonomy – purpose). That will be the map towards your utopia where happiness and success are unlimited; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Motivation to Start Your Day


Many woke up today knowing what they ought to do
Many woke up today thinking of what to do
Life is all about certainty and uncertainty
But each person alive has choice
On how to spend their
Precious time.

Whether you already know what to do today or not
All you need to make your day fulfilled are
Motivation, courage, will and hope
There is no limit out there
You can achieve more
Than you think.

I implore you to boot from your strap now!
If you don’t act now, then when?

3 Simple Methods to Stay Motivated

Good day happy people. Some people status on social media and networking platforms today will be: Oh! no, Monday is here again, while some people will have an eerie sensation as they believe that Monday is the first day of the 5 days hostage situation. You can take a quick break from your work or study to have a bit fun which will help you stay motivated simultaneously.

What ever your thoughts and feelings are about Monday is just normal because you are only human. Human nature is against any form of hassles, those hassles can be inevitable for people who are working or attending college on weekdays, even for those who are parenting; people just want to sit, relax, have fun and not get stressed by any activity.

I suppose to be the laziest person because I was born on Sunday but I never allow that fact to demoralize me and make me who I won’t like to be. Instead I choose to treat everyday of the week as the same, I choose to stay positive, fighting, brave, ambitious, focused, strong and motivated always; knowing that mentality is everything.

Below are 3 simple ways to stay motivated:

Always be thankful and make peace with the past

Always be grateful for where you are now

Always be hopeful for a better future.

Monday Motivation: Cultivate & Maintain Positive Mindset


Cultivating positive thoughts
Maintaining positive mindset
Won’t only give you rest of mind
It will also make you feel blessed
It will keep your soul lifted
Finally, you will feel gifted.

Positive mindset will make you happy
It will increase your overall productivity
It keep your creative juice flowing at work
You will feel gifted in all aspect of life.

Be courageous enough to stay positive
In all your endeavors in life
Impossible will change into I’m-possible
Good morning makes a great day
Stay blessed and I wish you all
A wonderful week ahead.

Perks of Positive Mindsets


Positive mindset is the lifeblood of the optimists

It is the basis of their perspective towards life

So much to be an optimist with positive mindsets

Optimists consider failure as an opportunity for growth

Optimists consider setbacks as a success in disguise

Optimists can utilize disappointments as motivation

Knowing that success is the best form of revenge

Optimists are bold, courageous and resilient beings

They always utilize their sanguineness in order

To discover or create and experience a fulfilled life.