Regret Nothing and Keep Moving On

Life is a college and experience is the best teacher, that’s why you must learn from life experiences, whether good or bad. As a human, you are adventurous as a child, but through domestication, you are restricted from some things just for your own safety purposes. Domestication may vary, due to cultures, traditions and religious beliefs.

But as a grown adult you must take responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, actions and other things concerning your life in general. As you’re treading through life, you will experience a lot of things, whether good or bad, from those experiences you must learn some life lessons; and the bad experiences like mistakes and failures are opportunity for growth.

If you don’t make mistakes, that means you’re not really trying. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you must be courageous to be optimistic. Mistakes, failures, heartbreaks, disappointments and setbacks are part of life. Whatever you’re going through now may seems daunting, but you’re not alone; many people have experienced those adversities and they subsist.

The harm has been done, your heart seems broken, it gave you no reason, but it left you with questions. Will you allow it to break you or utilize your innate courage to be resilient? Regret nothing, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Regret will only give you some sense of resentment, which is bad for you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Life is not about living in the shell of negativity, and you can only eradicate negativity with positivity. Good things only come with a positive vibe. Embrace positivity in all its form and radiate it to those around you. Don’t just go through life, you must grow through life; admit that you can’t change the past, but as the river keeps flowing, continue moving on and you will experience a delightful and satisfied life.


15 thoughts on “Regret Nothing and Keep Moving On

  1. I love the post Ajibola. Your ink hasn’t got plans of running out.
    *Experiences* are they really the best teachers?
    Isn’t that what makes our parents say “I’ve been there, i know what it’s like, it leads no where, so don’t go there, don’t even give it an attempt…you’ll only end up with nothing”?

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  2. “Courageous enough to be optimistic” love that part.
    Courageous enough to unlearn and relearn, to ‘(un)inexperience and re-experience’, courageous enough to go back and take another look, to give another try.
    This is a strong one, Ajibola. I’m not forgetting it.

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