The Determining Factors of Success (The 3 Ps)

Success is what we are living for, but success definition may vary among individuals. Success is insomniac, it’s not cheap to come by or easy to attain. During the journey of success, when the going gets tough, only the tough keep going, and there are few factors that determine success. In this article, I will explain few but the crucial factors that determine success in all endeavors.

Passion is the first of the core factors that determine success. Success abound in anything which is done with passion. The reason why some people achieve remarkable success in their field of profession and all other life endeavors is passion, they love what they are doing, and their desire is what takes them higher to greater heights.

Persistent is another factor that determine success. Success is shielded by failures, but these failures are success in disguise. Failure is an opportunity for growth, but one must be tenacious to learn from failure, as it takes great courage to recuperate and focus again on success. When you’re optimistic, you will be courageous. When you’re courageous you will be confident, and with confidence, your achievements are unlimited.

Perseverance is the last factor but not the least. Patient is one of the greatest virtue, no wonder a Yoruba proverb has it that “Only a patient person can milk a lioness” which means – with patience, exceptional outcome is achievable. Sometimes you just don’t have to worry, just be patient and give it time. Remarkable success doesn’t come cheap, and I wish you the equanimity needed to attain outstanding success in life.



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