Old Age is a Natural Phenomenon

Advanced age is a wonderful source of ironies…

Legend has it that grey hairs on the head is a crown of splendor. Biological clock is ticking to an end during advanced age, it’s a bitter truth that must be admitted as it’s a well-known fact. Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.

Wrinkles that appear on the face during advanced age is an indication of where smiles have been. All other weaknesses in biological and physiological mechanisms during advanced age are natural, that’s human nature and all human must experience it.

In some humans, advanced age happens to be their peak period of much wisdom and enlightenment. Those in their 60’s to 90’s should embrace growing older, as it is a natural time of transition and it is inevitable outcome for us all. Advanced age is the last act of every human’s role-play in life.

Old age1



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