Lost in The Woods


I woke up in a deep, dense woods
Filled with confusion and doubt
Unable to see, from where I stood
A discernible pathway out

For a long time, I wandered
Till I observed along the way
A previous wayfarer’s standard
A path for all to obey

I became conscious, as I was heeding
The path I was on leads nowhere
The signs it left were misleading
And comprised an unconscious snare

It was not enough to ignore them
Once the deception became known
I took the time and I tore them
As I created a pathway of my own

Despite all the sensation of fear
I chose to be brave in the woods
I don’t chicken out because of fear
Instead, I soldier on in the woods

Forging onward, persevering
I can’t do nothing else but try
To cut through to a clearing
Where I can clearly see the sky.


This post first appear here in July, 2016 but later re-edited. © 2017 Inspirational Motivation.  


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