The Way I Feel: From Grass to Grace

Sometime ago, I felt like an orphan that’s long lost far away from home and waiting to be found. I felt like a poor child that’s lost in the woods infested by pack of wolves and trying to survive. I felt my heart pounding and racing twice as fast beneath my rib cage like that of a stray horse trying to escape on a battlefield.

I felt like a prisoner kept in a state of mind, with no bars, doors, walls or fences. I felt like my destiny that was meant to be great is in the hands of fibbers and I am doomed to fail.

I felt like the world is on my shoulder, with the little size of me and I know it won’t last forever. I felt like there is going to be an explosion, I would wake up in another world and all I have seen and experienced in this life will just be a dream.

After series of psychological warfare and mission of self-discovery, I found my purpose in life. Now I feel alive as I can catch a breath, I will look beyond my fears, live my dreams, set and achieve my goals, believe in myself and hope for a better tomorrow and the future of my children and their offspring.

I am now feeling that it will all become happily ever after!!!


13 thoughts on “The Way I Feel: From Grass to Grace

  1. It will definitely become ‘happy ever after’! It is so great that you did not lose hope and held on tight to the rays of hope. Liked this post, a lot. Have even nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

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