My Innate Strength is my Impeccable Courage

Gone are those days when I never feel any better, I never feel confident, always feel depressed, but always well-dressed. I was faking it like peekaboo, I was playing solo peekaboo, and one of the worst situations in life is when one is suffering and pretending as if nothing bad is happening. I’m an optimist and a realist, sometimes we must evaluate our life situations and find a long-lasting solution to our problems.

At a time in my life, I felt so low, I got trust issues, didn’t even trust myself, I was a lone-wolf at the time and I was broke like Mr. Glass, I was stuck in conformity, I wasn’t living my destiny, I was sad, and all hope was lost. I felt feeble-minded and lost, I didn’t even feel like am living, I was just perambulating in the maze of life, treading through that foggy life, despite fear and adversities, but with courage, I kept moving, until I discovered my real self.

I was courageous to reconnect with my true source and my creator showed me the true path which leads to a wonderful and fulfilled life, like a free-bird I broke free from the cage, I shunned hearsay and heresy. I became a student of life and I’m now learning and working on self-development, knowing that it is my core duty during my lifetime. I’m positively living my life now, maintaining positive mindsets and hoping for better days.

Courage is my lifeblood and strength, I utilize my courage when the need be, even in the face of daunting adversities, I feel blessed and gifted due to my courage. I face every circumstance as a staunch stoic, sometimes in life, I must navigate between Scylla and Charybdis, I’m persevering, I always stay focused while working hard to succeed.

I’m grateful to Nature for granting me courage as my innate strength, I’m highly blessed to be stressed, I don’t cringe in the face of adversity. My life is not perfect but I’m grateful. With my courage, I’m living intentionally, I’m living a life of purpose, I will taste experience to the utmost, I will even reach out eagerly without fear, and I will also experience a wonderful fulfilled life.

Living a wonderful and fulfilled life requires fortitude. Natural life is not static, it keeps evolving progressively and so is human nature and its biological functions. Situations may arise in life at some point which can be overwhelming, but Nature has blessed humans with the innate trait and strength to withstand those inevitable circumstances.

I have found myself in many daunting situations in life, but I subsist, few of these circumstances I can’t even recall how I managed to survive them; but I know that adaptability is one of my greatest character strength. You surely have it as well, but all it takes is courage to summon your innate strengths and put them to work in order to experience a happy, successful, wonderful and fulfilled life.

This post is one of twelve posts on how participants has utilized strength in the face of adversity and how to utilize strength in general, which is a collaboration of twelve bloggers across the globe who are propelled by positive creative energy and willingness to help people be the best they can be and be able to experience a wonderful life. 

The bloggers are as follow Addison D’MarkoAjibola SundayBarb Caffrey, Camilla MotteIpuna BlackJane LoveJothish Joseph, Manal Ahmad, Mylene Orillo, Nicolle KSonyo EstavilloTajwar Fatma. You can visit their websites to read more about their individual contributions. 


32 thoughts on “My Innate Strength is my Impeccable Courage

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  7. Thanks for sharing your story. I can definitely relate to it. I see spiritual references as well. Your faith is strong. ” I’m highly blessed to be stressed, I don’t cringe in the face of adversity” Never heard it put that way, but I like it. Our pastor talked about embracing your troubles. You don’t have to say you love it, but it’s all for a reason. #keepwriting

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  8. Ajibola,
    Thank you for opening the door to your heart and mind and letting us in! I’m so impressed by how far you have come and the strength you have gained through your trials. You can definitely give great advice on pulling yourself out of the darkness and into the light! What a wonderful piece on strength! I’m loving the diversity of the topics in our little group!

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    • Hi Ipuna, it’s a pleasure pouring my heart and mind, I did that for the purpose of inspiring and motivating the readers and to let people know how nature has blessed human with strength to triumph in the face of adversity. Thanks for bringing us together again.

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      • Ajibola,
        You always inspire and motivate. I’m so happy we came together again. The topic of strength was more for me. I knew you were all strong, so if I ever have a bad day, I have 11 other stories to read to lift me up!

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  9. “I’m grateful to Nature for granting me courage as my innate strength, I’m highly blessed to be stressed, I don’t cringe in the face of adversity.” I really connected with this line, it is something I actually posted about not long ago. I wrote about how adversity is a blessing because it means we’re changing for the better and whatever we are going through is making us stronger as a result. You seem to know yourself well, through introspection and being honest with yourself. This is a mark of high emotional intelligence, a trait that makes us strong and one that is constantly dismissed. Inspiring words. ❤

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    • Your great comment is highly appreciated. Adversity are opportunity for growth, when we are courageous to face it, then we can discover our true strength. Self awareness is one crucial element of emotional intelligence, and it important to achieve our goals, to be our true self and to live our aspired life. Thanks for your astute comment and stay blessed. 😉👍


  10. Ajibola, I’m glad to finally get over here and read your inspiring post. (Better late than never, right?)

    I think sometimes we have to go through dark times to realize we do have innate strength or impeccable courage (as you put it; I like that phrasing, BTW). If things were always rosy, how could we learn anything? How could we become better, kinder, wiser people?

    That said, I keep hoping we’re going to have a few easier times here and there, too. (Too much stress is frustrating, and sometimes we need to step back.)

    Anyway, I am glad you found your way to a happier and more serene path. Good for you, and keep on it! 😀

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    • I feel great knowing you as well, as the probability of it happening is like 7,500,000,000 to 1. I really appreciate this great comment, without people like you, there’s no me; thanks and stay blessed.


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