My Blogging Journey

I wrote an article about my blogging journey for a website and it was published yesterday. The owner of the website really love and appreciate my post, other bloggers have read, like and also commented on the said post, but I want my readers to read the post about my blogging journey as well. Below is the first few paragraph of the post:

Ajibola is my name, I am a positive motivator, a transformational leader and a student of life. I am the author, editor and the owner of a great blog named ‘Inspirational Motivation’. Writing is one of my greatest gift, and I like scribbling my unsaid thoughts. I launched my blog as a personal blog, and I named it ‘Ajibola’s Thoughts’, I wanted to be using it as a broader channel on the internet to share my experiences and opinions on everything related to life.

My writings were transformed into motivational and inspirational masterpieces, when I realized that optimism and personal development has positively changed my life and I believe it is my duty to share its value across the world with as many people as possible, and blogging on the internet will be a perfect way to do it; that’s how I became a motivational blogger. Read more…


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