Self-Motivation (Work is the Antidote of Poverty)

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Work is the antidote of poverty
Take your work serious my friend
Greatness is achieved with hard work
You may seem lazy without any support;
So, serious effort is required if there’s no help
Your mum may be rich; your dad may be wealthy
But you must not rely on them too much
Because that too much can hurt you so much
When things don’t work out as you’ve planned
Things attained without efforts don’t last long
But the ones achieved with labor does
Your arms are your family members
Your elbows are your relatives
Human mostly love only the successful people
People will embrace you for your prosperity
But if you’re broke like Mr. Glass
People will make jest of you
Education is another option to greatness
I implore you to make it a continuous process
There is a difference between pain and suffering
I implore you not to take your early life for granted
Put more effort in your work; the time waits for nobody
It’s never too late to begin, your will power will take you there
Success and greatness is sure, if you work hard to achieve them.

Credits –
Image by Nduka Omeife.
Ise L’oogun Ise by J.F. Odunjo.


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