Be Mindful of the Golden Opportunity  

Life is wonderful and amazing on how it gives out chances and opportunities to humans, but as a creature with large brain, we tend to over-compute details and sometimes we tend lose focus on things that really matters while chasing things that we don’t really need. Some usually says “opportunity comes but once” but I don’t really agree with that maxim.

There are loads of opportunities that will come your way as you walk through the journey of life, but you must be mindful of the golden opportunity as they are rare to come by. As you are treading through this journey called life, you must slow down occasionally and you will realize some great and awesome things which are invisible to you while rushing.

Life is a journey and not a competition, walk the journey of life at your own pace, don’t get distracted by other wayfarers. Be courageous to be autonomous and be mindful in all your endeavors, seize every opportunity that comes your way and where there is none create one. You are a god in your own right, you are not just designed, you are a designer, and all your talents as a designer must be fully utilized in life, to experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


22 thoughts on “Be Mindful of the Golden Opportunity  

  1. Great one, Jibola.
    So i got talking with a close friend and somehow we arrived at the topic of dreams and goals realisation.
    He said “Cynthia, you know, right from the time i was in primary 5 i already had it in mind that i am to bring good to humanity”
    I was like “really?”
    He said “yes, back then i and my friend we would sit talking about it; now the guy is really doing it because he knew what he wanted and was grabbing the opportunities as they came. I guess what happened to me was that i lacked direction to what I really wanted, so when opportunities came, i wouldn’t know which is which and which to grab – i wouldn’t even recognize an opportunity…”
    So in a nutshell, without a clear vision and planning, one would not see opportunities when they arrive(you’ll just keep missing opportunities).
    …my own side of the story.
    Love the post Ajibola.well done!


    • This quick story of yours is amazing, but tomorrow is never too late Cynthia. Opportunities comes throughout our lifetime and now that you’ve realized your deeds, all you have to do now is to be mindful of all the upcoming opportunities that are coming your ways and where there is none, create one for yourself, you can spark and idea that will change the world and those with the vision to comprehend your potentials will support you to achieve your dreams. Thanks for your usual comment and contribution. Stay blessed. 👍

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