In Nature’s God I Trust

As humans, we usually ponder why nature don’t grant all our wants, but forgetting that it provides all our basic needs always. Nature endowed us with unlimited potentials and we are born to be happy; we get into troubles when more is not enough for us.

During the course of our journey in life, some external forces will try to influence us and sometimes push us into adversities. Life circumstances are tests that require courage to pass, and once we persevere; we will become victorious and successful in life.

Adversities are like washing machine, they knock and spin us around, but at the end, we will come out brighter than before. We can never be given more than we can withstand in life and humans are always superior to their circumstances.

Nature always show us how wonderful and amazing it is to be alive and it always gives us reasons not to give up. I give it all to whatever entity or forces that governs or propels the vast mechanism of the universe; In Nature’s God I trust!


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