Utilize Courage to Survive and Succeed in Life

Living a wonderful and fulfilled life require fortitude. Natural life is not static, it keeps evolving progressively and so is human nature and its biological functions. Situations may arise in life at some point which can be overwhelming, but Nature has blessed humans with the innate trait and strength to withstand those inevitable circumstances.

You can never know how stronger you are until life left you with just one option which is survive and succeed, I call it one because they are interconnected. If you can survive despite adversities, your success is more than sure, and if you manage to succeed despite failures, you will definitely survive in life. All you need is the courage to keep moving.

You will never be given more than you can withstand in life, and if you think your circumstances are bigger than you, they are meant for your personal growth and development. What you resist persist and that is change, it is the only integral part of life which is constant. So, it is left to you to combat those changes and circumstances with positive energy, by maintaining positive mindset, attitude and perspective.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin.

I have found myself in many daunting situations in life, but I subsist, few of these circumstances I can’t even recall how I managed to survive them; but I know that adaptability is one of my greatest character strength. You surely have it as well, but all it takes is courage to summon your innate strengths and put them to work in order to experience a happy, successful, wonderful and fulfilled life.


5 thoughts on “Utilize Courage to Survive and Succeed in Life

  1. “…You can never know how stronger you are until life left you with just one option…”
    You know, I Once had a thought that went in line with that. I had thought “the only reason you’re still able to run away from your fears is because you see a way to run, when you don’t find a way to run, you’ll face your fears. But why waste time till you don’t find a way to run?”

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    • Thanks for your awesome comment Cynthia. Nature blessed humans so much with potentials and virtues. But some people lack the awareness of this fact, and they think fear is an external force, whereas fear is created in the mind and it grow to become illusion which is blocking people from seeing reality. Courage is the only thing that can be used to combat and eradicate fear in all its forms.

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