Life is A Roller Coaster

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Life is like a roller coaster
It can throw you up
Lower you again
You will think
You’re falling
But life will
Catch you

If you’re
To be optimistic
You will kill your fear
You will survive the tide
You will enjoy the life’s spin
You will make most of the journey.


7 thoughts on “Life is A Roller Coaster

  1. Absolutely!
    So when you’re down, don’t think that’s all there is, know that you’re gonna be up again, it’s only a matter of time.
    And when up, yeah, the view is beautifully clear, but don’t forget, it’ll pass(what goes up…must come down).
    So…no time to hold on to fear, toss it out and enjoy every moment of the ride…#mysideofthestory
    Great one, Ajibola.

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