How to Eradicate Perfectionism

There is nothing bad in setting lofty standards, as most people consider having lofty standards a good thing. Striving for excellent is said to be good as it shows one’s work ethic or strength of character. Perfectionism, on the other hand, is about setting unattainable higher standards, and being a perfectionist can be stressful in several ways.

“We human beings, complicated creatures that we are, tend to appreciate complexity, but that may well be just an aesthetic preference that goes with our sort of lineage; other lineages may be as happy as clams with their ration of simplicity.” – Daniel C. Dennett.

If you are having trouble meeting your own standards, if you are often being told that your standards are too high or if your standard are making it difficult for you to meet deadlines, finish a task, trust others, or do anything spontaneously; you might have issues with perfectionism. Having a problem with perfectionism is a lot like having a “phobia” of making mistakes or being imperfect – you are terrified of making mistakes. Don’t chicken out my friend, there are proven methods to eradicate this habit.

  1. Maintain positive mindset and positive self-image
  2. Quit trying to meet other people’s standards
  3. Stop wasting time worrying about “the petty things”
  4. Compromise by lowering your high standard gradually
  5. Change your perfectionistic behaviors progressively.

Facing your fears and changing your old ways of doing things can be a demanding work. So, make sure you always take the time to reward yourself for any progress and improvement you experience as you are eradicating perfectionism. It is very motivating to give yourself a treat occasionally. I implore you to practice those methods and treat yourself in any way best suitable for you; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.



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