Creating Happiness: How to Experience the Joy of Being

Happiness comes from nowhere but within. Happiness is innate, and it’s a choice. The moment you made up your mind to be happy, you will experience the joy of being alive, your personal freedom will drastically improve, and you will feel wonderfully fulfilled; as happiness will catalyze some positive changes in your life in general.

I’d like to share with you few methods that you can practice every day to experience the joy of being alive and it will help boost your state of happiness.

Be yourself
One of the main things that cultivates to human happiness in life is to be oneself. Always act naturally according to your character and instincts. Accept yourself for who you are, for that is what makes you unique and be self-compassionate.

Deal with habits
We always have habits to quit and adopt to be happy in life. I implore you not to forcefully quit any habit, because things can get worse; just pick up another habit to get rid of the one you want to quit. And if you want to take on a new habit, don’t over-stretch yourself; utilize a gradual process.

Take happiness advantage
The word already defines itself, happiness is the state of being happy but most human struggle to find happiness in their life, forgetting that we are born to be happy. Happiness is innate and being happy in life is a mindset. A happy mental state also determines your overall well-being.

Maintain positive mindsets
Mindset is everything, life has no definition of its own; it’s your perceptions that gives life meaning. You can create and experience a wonderful fulfilled life with positive mindsets like – “I don’t lose, is either I win or I learn”, “I am not a victim or failure, am a conqueror” and consider failure as opportunity for growth.

Embrace positivity in all its forms
Surrounding yourself with positivity will make you happy and help improve your life generally. This include the kind of mindset you keep, the type of folks you have as friends, the kind of discussions you engage in and how you are seeing yourself.

So, as you are implementing all these procedures, I hope you will discover, create and start experiencing a wonderful fulfilled life.


23 thoughts on “Creating Happiness: How to Experience the Joy of Being

  1. Hi Ajibola,
    Happiness is inside us all we just need to tap into it.
    I’m currently creating a new habit of eating healthy and exercising.
    I’m gradually doing it. I’m finding out it starts in my mind.
    I have more energy and staying focus.
    Because of it I’m happier these days.
    Thanks my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love your courage in making those changes. And I hope your decision to embrace positivity catalyze some positive changes in your life. Thanks for your comment and stay blessed.


  2. Love the idea of replacing bad habits with better ones. I’ve struggled with some bad habits of negative thought patterns, and focusing on trying to get rid of them really doesn’t work. Finding positive thoughts to replace those negative thoughts may lead me to get better results. Thanks for posting!

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