Master to Liquor

You are a teetotaler
You can be socially isolated
You don’t drink too much
You may seem boring to people
You drink too much and get drunk
You will make show of yourself
You’ll wake up next day with hangover
You get addicted to binge drinking
You will blame yourself later-on
You can’t afford to be a dipsomaniac
You want to quit the habit at a point
You may suffer from withdrawal
You can get help from family
You can get help from relatives
You can get help from professionals
You don’t like rehab, I know that
You just have to drink responsibly
You won’t be a slave to liquor
You will enjoy your day/night out
You will experience a great life.


7 thoughts on “Master to Liquor

  1. I’m just going to say that I’m more than a little embarrassed at how jazzed I was to learn the word dipsomaniac. I like to play this strange game with my family where I will have to find way to.incorporate a new fab word into a conversation as if I have been using it forever, and this word is perfect for it. 😉 Also I love the rest of the post. It is so spot on. Wonderful writing. 🙂

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