Drink Responsibly: Never Blow Your Brain Off

I see nothing bad in social drinking for men and women, so far they are of age, but the most important thing to consider is self-control and self-awareness. These two great virtues can make one triumph over ones’ wisdom sometimes. Despite the fact that we must use wisdom in all we do in life, self-awareness and self-control are most crucial to our being. Some individuals like social drinking to make them feel comfortable around people and somehow get drunk in the process and that will deform their personality due to their lack of self-control and self-awareness, forgetting that, what we think we need the most is what we are best without.

Being a social drinker, I’ve never for once get drunk, no matter how much and free the drink I have available, I respect myself a lot and I always put my principles over my feelings. I can’t afford to be so damn drunk that I will misbehave or someone else will be giving me the account of what happened to me the previous night. Self-control and self-awareness are both of my greatest traits, I know my limits in everything I do; so I can’t afford to be intoxicated by going beyond my limit. I know some people find it interesting to be so high and make them feel as if they are on the moon, or they are walking or dancing on the ceiling; but that’s a worst idea.

Studies has proven that men have higher water level in their body to help detoxify their bloodstream when drinking compare to women, and women that usually consume alcohol during pregnancy are jeopardizing the wellness of their expecting babies. Women can be so vulnerable to abuse and dangers when drunk than men. Alcohol sickness also known as Hangover can be hectic the following morning after a night of binge drinking. So in essence, I implore you all to drink responsibly, and occasionally if need be and a good night out will become a great morning.



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