Celebrate Life at Every Given Opportunity


Death is what is said to be the end of all living organisms
But most human forget that death is not the end of life
Death is the greatest fear and loss to generations of mankind
Everybody wants to live but no one wants to die.

Death is a natural phenomenon and it is inevitable
But mankind forgets that dying is also an act of living
Life is not static; it must constantly be undergoing change
Death can only terminate the biological functions of human
But the soul continue to live in between space and time.

Living life positively is a great choice for everyone
Death is a must for all organisms and it’s inevitable
So we must learn and choose to live life positively
Focus on life, and worry less about death as it’s inevitable.

Remember, death is not the greatest loss to mankind
The greatest loss is when life dies inside you while you’re still alive
No one asked to be born into this life; so it’s called gift of life
Life is the greatest priviledge and phenomenon to everyone who is alive
So what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate this event called LIFE!!!


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