The Purpose of Life Is to Live On Purpose

There are reasons behind our existence here on earth and life is the greatest gift. We are here for a purpose and that purpose has to be fulfilled. There are many ways to fulfill our purpose in life, but I will mention few that are most important in this post and I hope practicing them will help catalyze some positive change in your life.

Positively staying alive
Life is not static, it keeps evolving progressively. It’s a well known fact that up and down, smile and frown are what makes the world go around, but despite all the inevitable hassles, you must learn to keep your head up no matter your situation; you must be courageous enough to continue living positively and be optimistic.

Practice gratitude 
Gratitude remain the best attitude, when you practice gratitude it brings you happiness in life. You must learn to appreciate little things that you have and also celebrate little wins, while hoping and working to achieve the greater ones.

Live in the present
The only thing you can do with your past is to learn from it, you cannot edit it. So living in the past can be bad for you, I implore you all to think less about the past, focus and start living in the present, while hoping for a better future.

Be optimistic about life
So much to be an optimist in life, than been a pessimist without hope. Hoping for a better tomorrow is having a great picture of future life, and those who are optimistic always see chances and opportunities in life. Courage, self-confidence and resilience are natural traits of the optimist.

Be self-compassionate
If you are not for yourself, who will be for you? Self-compassion is another virtue that require courage to practice, some people may call you selfish and mean, but don’t mind them. If you practice self-compassion appropriately, you will enjoy your life and those who are emotionally intelligent will understand you.


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