Living Life with Courage

This life can be funny and it is not static
Look around you, tell me what you see
Pain and suffering are difference
Pain persist as long as we live
But, suffering is a choice.

I implore you not to buy into conformity
Don’t deprive yourself of the good things
The good things you need the most
Be courageous to think out of box
Forget your fear and your critics.

Be courageous enough to be autonomous in life
Stand for your opinions and uphold your ideas
Discover or create your own path in life
Walk it, even if you’re to walk it alone
You’re not alone, the like-minded will join you.

Never allow fear to paralyze your vital force
Explore! you’re endowed with great potentials
You are the master of your own destiny
You are a god in your own right
You must experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


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