My Impeccable Courage

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Courage is my lifeblood and instinct
I utilize my courage when the need be
Even in the face of daunting adversities
I feel blessed and gifted due to my courage

I face every circumstance as a staunch stoic
I must navigate between Scylla and Charybdis
I’m ruggedly persevering and hustling to survive
I always stay focused and working hard to succeed

I’m grateful to Nature for granting me courage
I’m highly blessed to be stressed; I’m courageous
I don’t cringe in the face of adversity; I’m courageous
My life is not perfect but I’m grateful; I’m courageous

With my courage…
I will live intentionally
I will live a life of purpose
I will taste experience to the utmost
I will even reach out eagerly without fear
I will also experience a wonderful fulfilled life.



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