The Perks of Courage and Willpower

Life can be challenging sometimes due to inevitable circumstances, changes and uncertainty. It takes a courageous heart and optimistic mindset to thrive in the face of adversity. Most people think courage comes and go, but courage is innate. Don’t allow a daunting situation to dull or kill your morale; you have all it takes to achieve success in all your endeavors in life.

I always wake up very early for college, despite this, I still get to college late if I don’t get a lift on time. I dislike this situation and I decided to be independent. I got myself a bicycle, which am unable to ride, but I have the courage and appropriate willpower to master the art of cycling.

I started cycling around in the compound for one hour every night, that went on for couple of days but I still have that little voice of fear in me that “how can you ride alongside vehicles of various sizes on a major road?”. My heart said “I can’t do it” but my mind keep saying “shut up, I can do it”.

On one Monday, I was ready for college again as usual, I grab my bicycle and cycled along the country road. I get off to push it up the hill, but I have this urge that I can ride up the hill too and whenever I see other people cycling on the major road. Finally, I achieved my goal of cycling up the hill and on the major road; I became independent.

The bike that motivated me to ride was stolen not long after I have mastered the art of cycling but I get another bike the following week. Cycling has become part of me and I found it easier to commute. I transform negative vibe into positive energy, this make me bold and courageous to get another bike which I now use to commute.

I implore you not to be blaming others for your predicaments and not to be complaining, because things can get worse when they are telling you sorry continuously. You have all it takes to be happy, succeed and achieve your goals in life; you have greatness within you; all you need is courage and appropriate willpower.

It takes courage to practice all other virtues constantly, summon your courage whenever you need it, it is innate. Believe in yourself, practice and develop your courage by doing one thing that will scare you every day. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your achievements are limitless if you utilize appropriate willpower, and you will discover, create and experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


8 thoughts on “The Perks of Courage and Willpower

  1. This is so powerful…
    Can’t stop reading it…
    “you have greatness within you; all you need is courage and appropriate willpower.” when there is a will there is a way…
    God bless you for this this

    Liked by 1 person

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