The Power of Thoughts

Your thoughts are powerful than you can ever imagine
Mind and guide your thoughts
That your tiny thoughts are the basis of your existence
They define you and create your life.

Your thoughts can help you create a wonderful life
A life filled with unlimited possibilities
Utilize your thoughts in positive ways to better your life
Don’t misuse them to hinder your life.

The quality of your thoughts defines your success in life
With your thoughts, you can feel, discover and create
You will experience a wonderful life with positive thoughts
Let your thoughts take you higher to greater heights.

Positive thinking and mindsets will make you optimistic
You will see goodness always, even in bad circumstances
Mind your thoughts, cultivate & maintain positive thoughts
You will feel lively and motivated always in your life.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Thoughts

  1. Yeah! your thoughts rule your world, Your thoughts create the necessary move you require to achieve your goal. Weak thoughts produce a weak results. Strong thoughts produce a strong results… Thanks for the enlightenment. Remain bless…

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