Self Portrait: Define Your Real Self

The name you were given at birth has nothing to do with your life, who you are or who you will become. Some were born and named according to their circumstances of birth which varies based on cultures, customs, traditions and religious beliefs. I was born and named Ajibola a Yoruba name which means ‘born into wealth’ but I grew up to know that I was not born with a silver spoon.

As I grew up knowing the true meaning of life and started learning about responsibilities, I think that my parents should have named me survivor, no man alive can survive the struggles I have been through. I have got to know that life is not static, I’ve learn how to cope with life circumstances and continue staying positively alive.

I have found myself in many situations where I really question the reason behind all my given names, and after some critical thinking, I got to know that I must kill the boy that I used to be, be reborn as a man and even rename myself. Some of you may think that is weird, some may wonder why or how would I do that, but if you have ever been in a psychology warfare as I was; you will see the possibility.

The very first step to know who you are is to take control of your life, once you are in your age of accountability, try as much as you can to be responsible for your thoughts and actions, don’t be a slave to religions, traditions, or foreign ideals. Just do that which suits your soul. Nobody have the right to stop you as long as you don’t hurt anyone, there is no point in holding back desires as human potentials are unlimited.

Knowing who you truly are is a continuous process as long as you can catch a breath, someone once called me Sherlock Holmes when I said I knew who I am but still trying to find out more about myself.  Do more of what you like to find your gifts, take control of your life to be the master of your own destiny, start living intentionally and stay positively alive. Always remember, you are what you think you are. Be the best you can be and not the second-rate version of someone else. Don’t let others define you, define yourself and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


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