Finding Hope in the Labyrinth of Life

We have all get lost at a point in time in our lives, it happened to some of us when we are younger. It might be in a large shopping centre or in a crowded city centre on a day out with our parents, but the funniest part is that, as a child we won’t agree that we are lost; instead all we got to say is “my mommy or daddy is lost”, while the struggle continue until we are found.

This issue of getting lost and found as a human is common, because we are prone to lose concentration and focus on what we are doing or where we are going. Sometimes we can also get lost in the state of mind because we are not meant to live in the state of mind, and this happens if we think too much about anything that is bothering our mind.

Human are prone to fall into traps set by others and it happens to those obsessed with food, sex, car, clothing etc. As human, our biological instinct is always there to set us right back on track whenever we feel lost in the state of mind, when go off the right road leading us somewhere or when life seems to be a labyrinth.

When some people regain consciousness that they have been lost, they will start complaining that “life is too short”, forgetting that they have wasted most of their times perambulating in the same place or wasted their time doing something that are not worthwhile; things that does not have positive impact in their life.

Life is not short, what some people lack is focus. Focus to live intentionally, focus to base their thoughts on positivity, focus to be able to live impact for eternity, focus to be able to practice mindfulness and focus to be able to stay motivated always.

The journey of life is filled with distractions, wayfarers and passers-by, but among them is you and you are here for a purpose. So, I implore you to focus on your life and discover or create a purpose to live for. Who do you spend your time with? That matters a lot too, you must make your circle perfectly round by relating with positive folks that have common goals as you.

To walk the journey of life, you need courage to be optimistic and stay focus on motivation (mastery – autonomy – purpose). That will be the map towards your utopia where happiness and success are unlimited; and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


3 thoughts on “Finding Hope in the Labyrinth of Life

  1. I think we are sharing the same inspiration space!!! I wrote about hope today. I love it!! Optimism + focus = utopia. This is great. As I push forward trying to get an agent, I love to read your words to motivate me! Thanks, Ajibola.

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