Dream is a mental picture of life.  All dreams are products of thoughts, be it from conscious or subconscious mind, and most dreams are processed by the subconscious, those thoughts of daytime can spring back up from subconscious mind while asleep. Some people may have nightmare because they are out of fantasies, while others may have good dreams because their mind is filled with fantasies before bed.

An average dream can last twenty minutes. Some people dream when sleeping, some can daydream by a short-term detachment from their immediate surroundings and some people have the ability to know when they are dreaming, these type of people are called ‘Lucid Dreamer’. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. Lucid dreamers are said to be wiser, have mystical experiences, have high problem solving techniques; even scientists understand the benefits of lucid dreaming.

So much to be a lucid dreamer, I knew the sensation as I am one and it’s not just fun to be conscious in the dreamland, I’ve also make use of the ability to solve my problems. Anyone who bed-wet as a child and those who had wet-dreams as a teenager must have engaged in a lucid dreaming before they could stop those habits, but they might not even know.

“Your dreams come from your subconscious, even lucid dreams which can feel very real when you’re having them. If you have suppressing negative emotions like guilt or fear and other feelings, your subconscious will try to figure out a way to process those emotions even if you are wide-awake, it’s called waking dreams. Most dreams are conversations that you’re having with yourself and every character in your dream is actually just you. You’re just trying to bury uncomfortable emotions or ideas, and the only outlet they have is your subconscious; dreams happens when unsolved emotions are struggling to get out.”

If you are having problems to fall asleep at night due to some thoughts or having nightmares, it’s normal for you to be haunted by your past, loss or grief; if you allow them. I recommend you to be reading few pages of fiction books before bed as that will take your mind off the real life, drive you into fantasies and help you have nice dreams.

Be careful not to get stuck in your dream fantasies, as it will affect your being and you may find it difficult to differentiate between dreams and real life. It’s good to dream, as it can enable you to see into the future and help keep your memories fresh. If you are able to dream about you desires in life, you must be able to work towards achieving them and manifest them into physical form.

The best way to make your dreams come through is to wake up and act on them, if not; they will fade away. You must live your dreams, not dream your life.


7 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Wow! Another great post. There are several quotes I love from it, but here is my favorite: “You must live your dreams, not dream your life.” Dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves. Additionally, we must envision the dream we want for our future and work for it. You mentioned that.

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