Positive Provocation – I am the master of my destiny!

The voices in my head are all mine
They are all products of my mind
I listen carefully to all my thoughts without judgement and I meditate on the positive ones with repetition until they are fixed in my subconscious mind.

Everyone in my dream is me
They are just me, myself and I
I know that dream is the mental picture of life. Dream is the portal for some unfinished emotions to escape and the raw emotions to reveal themselves.

My life situations can be random
I accept all circumstances as my fate
Knowing that I can never be given more than I can withstand. I will always be superior to my circumstances in life; no matter what the situation may be.

Self-enlightenment has renewed me
I became observer of my own thoughts
I became a lucid dreamer, I control my dreams
Sometimes I play the role of a spectator of my own life
I am knowledgeable on how to deal with all these issues of life.

I have ability to constructively utilize my innate energy and the energy around me
I can turn all the burning desire of my mind into their material equivalent
I can transform all the negative energy of life into positive vibes
I have mastered the art of living!


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