Time is the overseer of all things
Some folks call it a great villain
because it takes away and changes things
Some folks think it is our best friend.

Time is the basis of our existence
it is the essence of our nature and life
it is the factor that calculate our lifespan
It has many other subordinates.

Time chieftains are:
Millennium, Century, Years,
Days, Nights, Hours, Minutes,
Seconds, Nano-seconds…

Some folks will say “Life it too short”
they are definitely referring to life-time
but life is not short and life-time is not
short either; focus is what they are lacking.

We have pretty much time to spend in life
but how we spend our times varies
and what we spend our precious times on
time is precious and is to be spent appropriately.

Time of your life is not short, you can achieve
much more than you think, all you need is focus.
Focus and be autonomous on how you spend your time,
focus and master how you spend your time;
focus and spend your time on a good purpose.

Knowing that time is so priceless and precious,
I implore you to spend your time wisely and
you will discover or create and experience
a wonderful and limitless-life.


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