Remain Positive and Focus on The Present

Life is meant to be live moving forward, and there are many ways of moving forward in life but just one way of standing still. Your present life is the product of your past experience, that is why you have to stay positive as you live. I won’t tell you to forget your past experience, for they are part of what made you who you are at this present moment. You can just think less about them and make peace with them; you can’t afford to be living in the past, it is one of the worst things you can do to yourself in life.

No one can move forward while looking back, you have to focus on the present and be optimistic about the future, make peace with your past, so it won’t affect your present or your future. Life is not short as you always say, you have much time to spend here in life, but you lose focus at times and spend your times on something that are not worthwhile. I implore you to stay focus on things that are worthwhile, like positively living in the present and working your way to greatness in the near future. You have to focus on your life goals and work towards achieving them with motivation.

Finally, you must be courageous to constantly practice all other virtues in life, courage to focus on the present and think less of the past, because you can’t change the past and the courage to continue working towards achieving your life goals without giving up. Remember, you’re superior to your circumstances and you are in control of your own destiny. I implore you to focus on living positively in the present and be optimistic about the future; you are god in your own right and you can create a wonderful fulfilled life.


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