Rising Above Life Bitter Lemons (Disappointments, Heartbreaks, Failures & Loss)

In the face of adversity, life seems like a struggle and life circumstances may humble you severely, it will attempt to break you down by every chance possible, and just when you are gathering muscle to rise in vigor, it may smack you down ruthlessly and needlessly. When life pound you to the ground, will you get up right away and punch life in the face or curl up in a fetus position on the ground? It has always been up to you to make any choice which is suitable for you.

Some circumstances are just inevitable and the best you can do is just to be courageous and resilient to be able to withstand life adversities as they come. But they will eventually pass by because tough times don’t last longer but tough people do. Your role to play is to be a hero and heroes are made through tears, sweat and blood. Therefore, do not bend nor yield and succumb to life’s brutality. The greatest achievers of all time are the ones that make history with the spirit of ‘let’s face it’.

If there is one lesson that life never forgets to teach you, it is the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the basis your life. The best way to get what you want and where you want to be in life is to change the way you think and view yourself. So, are you going to rise and soar to becoming the best version of yourself or are you going to allow life’s adversity to steal your crown of endurance? Know that with or without liberty to choose between adversity and privilege, life still makes better sense when there are challenges to overcome, dreams to fulfill and milestones to achieve.

To be able to leave a mark of success when all is said and done, to be able to touch life of others through your endurance, to be able to scale beyond limitations and life’s adversities, to be able to live ideally, you should not live your life as if on a threshold, not when you remain the master of your own destiny. Being able to make lemonade out of life’s bitter lemons is a great advantage which requires impeccable wisdom, knowledge and understanding of life itself, you must be resilient and courageous to do it and you will discover or create and experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


6 thoughts on “Rising Above Life Bitter Lemons (Disappointments, Heartbreaks, Failures & Loss)

  1. Sometimes the despair and hopelessness and depression disable people from being as sturdy and strong. We would hope not to just crawl in a hole and die. I can understand when people just give up. Sometimes anger and stubbornness in the face of adversity can give us enough resilience to get through it and anger and stubbornness are not necessarily character defects.

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    • This is such a great comment and contribution but most human lacks the courage to be courageous and sturdy in the face of adversity. The foundation of courage and resilience is optimism, being optimistic, cultivating and maintaining positive mindset. Humans are always superior to their circumstances but only few people know this.

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    • That’s how it is, human are always superior to their circumstances. Nature has endowed human with strength to stand the test of times, but it’s left to individual to summon this innate courage and be resilient in the face of adversity . Thanks for your comment 😊👍

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