Sky Is a Stepping Stone

Life is boundless and so is you, your potentials, achievements and all that surround you including nature; for everything is made of energy. Never buy into conformity, sky is not the limit, it is just a stepping stone. There loads of planets out there and beyond; even some that are yet to be discovered.

So, if someone says the sky is the limit, ask the person that “whose footprints are on the moon?” it’s weird but it’s just a creative way of thinking. Don’t move with the multitude, we all have the same problems at times but the way we deal with those circumstances are difference.

“Every bird seeks refuge when it is raining, but eagles evade rain by soaring above the clouds”  

Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can be more killing than cancer, forget anything that can restrain you from achieving your goals. All you need to do is to focus on your imaginations and creativity, also don’t forget to dream big; once you can dream you can turn it into reality.

Life experiences can make you discover your inborn potentials and make you realize how bigger and stronger you are, that is why it is somehow good to step out of your comfort zones and explore. Life is a continuous learning process, “we are never too old to learn and never too young to teach”. Continuous learning will make you see life beyond limitations.

There’s no point in holding back yourself, time or desires. Everything is out there, there’s no limit out there, you can be reaching out for anything if you try enough, you can’t imagine how higher you can fly and soar into the sky until you belief in yourself. Spread out your wings and learn how to fly; because every little bird must learn to fly sooner or later.

Spread out your wings, soar higher above the sky and you will experience a limitless life.


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