3 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

Good day happy people. Some people status on social media and networking platforms today will be #TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday, while some people will have an awesome and soothing feeling because they believe that Friday is the last day of the 5 days hostage situation. I can assure you that you can have fun and stay motivated simultaneously.

What ever your thoughts and feelings are about Friday is just normal because you are only human. Human nature is against any form of hassles, those hassles can be inevitable for people that generally works and attend schools on weekdays, even for those who are parenting; people just want to sit, relax, have fun and not get hassled.

I suppose to be the laziest person because I was born on Sunday but I never allow that fact to demoralize me and make me what I won’t like to be. Instead I choose to treat everyday of the week as the same, I choose to stay positive, fighting, brave, ambitious, focused, strong and motivated always; knowing that mentality is everything.

Below are 3 simple ways to stay motivated:

Always be thankful and make peace with your past

Always be grateful for where you are now

Always be hopeful for a better future.


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