Street Credibility


There was a certain time in my life
When I thought all hope were lost
Nothing I could do to reshape my life
I was suicidal as if I have nothing to lose

I was caught off-guard by troubles of life
I get Knocked out by adversaries of life
Daunted by sickness & continuing setbacks
Falling & rising like am having flashbacks

I accepted those predicaments as my fate
I was pessimistic but still optimistic
I move on and hit the street with faith
But then the street was going ballistic

So, I watch the street as it went ballistic
I focus with a gaze through a vintage glass
I used logic to make its fakeness realistic
I learned more from the street than any class

Here I am living my dreams with full aptitude
I live for progress not perfection and am grateful
Knowing for sure that gratitude is the best attitude
So, I vow to be optimistic, glad, classy and grateful.


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