Time – Things I Must Experience

Time is said to be the overseer of all things, there is a time of birth, time to live and the time that one will leave this world behind. Some people believe that time is a thief and a villain that is always against us, but I don’t think so, time is our friend and it makes it possible for us to be able to count the duration we have spent in life in order to bless our mind with appropriate wisdom.

Don’t worry too much about everything, just think about one thing at a time. A journey of thousand miles must begin with a step, sometimes in life we have to take things step by step just like toddler practicing to walk; easy does it.

We are all once in time a toddler and we all use this style, so how many of us get this patient, courage and tenacity in achieving a specific goal in life by the time we are adults. There is time for everything and what we do at those times really matters. We must take control of the time, we must manage our time in life and spend them on positive things that are valuable to our lives.

Don’t you worry or get discouraged by someone’s success or breakthrough, just know that sometime or someday you will do that which you really want to do. Don’t you worry over time because everybody has got their own way of life, sometime in life you just have to slow down and you will see your dreams coming through. Some people are late bloomers while some are child prodigy in life.

Some people think time is moving fast and they usually says “It’s funny how time fly” and “Life is too short”, but I will tell you that our lifetime is not short, what some people lack is focus and they sometimes waste more of their times on things that are not worthwhile.

You must plan how you use your lifetime and it takes motivation to do it, you must set short term, medium term and long term goals. Those goals must be achievable in a time frame, considering who you are and how you will act to achieve the set goals. Achieving goals and making success in life require a great focus. Focus is another great key in achieving success in life.

Time is always there for you and it’s never too late to act, you can start now by writing down those goals that you want to achieve in life and how to achieve them with action plans; all it takes are focus and motivation.





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