The Law of Attraction | How to Use It to Improve Your Life

Hello happy people, I hope you all are doing great. No matter what your present situation is, I can assure you that you don’t have all the problems in the world, you must definitely have something to be grateful for, even if you have nothing to your name; I implore you to be grateful for the gift of life.

Today’s subject is about the wonderful and fantastic maxim (philosophy) of “like attracts like” which is widely known as the “Law of Attraction”. This new thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that your thoughts creates your life experiences.

Omnipresent God, Ultimate Spirit, Higher consciousness or Infinite Intelligence, which we sometimes refer to as God, or simply love, is the source of all creative expression and the essential power in the universe. The way we view our Infinite Intelligence, or God, is precisely the way we see and feel about our Self and the way we experience life.

Law of attraction is a formula for transmuting definite desires of our mind into their physical equivalent. Everything around us are made of life force (energy). So, to attract positive things into our lives, we must start by giving off positive energy in form of positive affirmations, affirmative prayer, creative visualization and positive thinking.

The universe is always responding alike to your thought vibes without any rectification of it. Whatever you are experiencing in your physical world is the reflection of what you feed and nurture inside your subconscious mind.

Once you feed your subconscious mind with a life prospering positive thoughts, then it will drive you to take a passionate action for its physical manifestations. So, always feed your subconscious with your dream relevant thoughts; then you can manifest it in the light of a passionate action.

Finally, your subconscious mind is a miracle creating mind and you must feed it wisely with which can positively alter the dimension of quality of your life. Stay blessed and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


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