The True Definition of Me and My Personality

I was doing my daily routine by checking the blog page of all bloggers that I am following, to glance through, like and comment on their latest posts. Randomly I stumble upon an astounding poetry work on Yassy’s blog. This poetry absolutely and accurately defines me and my personality. It caught my attention to an extent I read it repeatedly many times.

So, I liked and commented on the said poetry work and I told Yassy that I am going to feature the poetry work on my blog. It seems random but Yassy just composed a poem that is literally the true definition of me and my personality. Below is the amazing poetry work which truly defines me and my personality and I give all thanks and credits to the poet.

A happy heart by YasKhan”

I cannot be sad for too long
Fate simply cannot keep me down
My heart always comes up with a song
I wear optimism like a crown.

Life is but a short lived boon
Hardships have made me plucky
I forgive and forget too soon
I call myself happy go lucky.

My cheerfulness sometimes puts people off
They ask me, “why do you laugh and smile so much”
My light-heartedness makes them scoff
Sorrow is there, it will always touch.

But I feel fortunate and blessed
When I look around and see so much unrest.


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