Positive Provocation: I Have a Vision of Greatness

As I woke up again this morning
I’m glad that my precious soul
is been preserved to see a new day
I’m grateful to be among the living souls
I’m glad for this realization, knowing that
As long as there is life, there is hope and
believing the best is yet to come, being an optimist.

I say some affirmative prayers
I released it onto forces of nature
I kept myself in meditation mode
As I was connecting to my source
I had a great vision of success
I serve as a spectator of my own life
I saw that I was born to be great
I saw all that I need to do to be great
In this vision, I was on a mission of greatness
I will be happy in life and achieve some greatness
I will be successful in my field of profession
I will have a partner that we will both love each other
We will both have children and raise a happy family.

I’m grateful that I am the master of my own destiny
I will work my ass off towards achieving my set goals
Because a vision without mission is just an omission
After all were seen, said and done; I will live my destiny
With splendour, I will age gently like a fine wine
I will always be happy in my life and here after.


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