Spiritual Nourishment For A Positive Attitude

As humans, we need variety of nourishment to survive and keep thriving in life. Among the important nourishment we need the most is spiritual nourishment. Our essence which is also known as soul and spirit needs to be nourish as we nourish our physical body.

Nourishing it with healthy value and virtues will create good mental health which is the basis of our existence, which will also contribute to overall healthy living. Below are five major disciplines which if incorporated in your day-to-day activities will highly help elevate your state of mind:

Practice gratitude: Gratitude is the best attitude and it should be a default trait for everybody, Nobody likes to be labeled an ingrate. There is this popular saying that “Who is grateful for what s/he is given stand a chance of receiving another”.

Being active: Idle minds and hands can be devil’s workshop and plaything respectively. That is why you must keep them positively engaged at all time, even in your free periods. There many ways of keeping busy but just one way of being idle.

Eating healthy: Everyone has their own way of eating healthy, I can’t tell you what to eat or not to eat, “someone’s food is another’s poison”. So eat that which benefits your body and soul. A certain percentage of what you consume will remain in your system.

Embrace integrity: Honesty and pride are of great virtue to all human, that’s why you should practice them in all your endeavors. “If you do your works with honesty and pride, you will be successful and see your dreams becoming reality”.

Spiritual nourishment: There are many ways to feed your soul, and that is when you connect to your source. You can choose anyone that seems best for you like – prayer, meditation, yoga and lots more.

Being thankful at all times: It seems funny that we arrive back at thanks giving, gratitude remain the best attitude and it’s the root of optimism, even if you have nothing to your name, you should always give thanks for the gift of life. “Where there is life, there is hope.”

I don’t really like telling people what to do, we are all creators and gods in our own right. I implore you to carefully read and understand this article and apply them in anyway best for you; you’re the master of your own destiny and you will experience a wonderful fulfilled life.


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