Find Your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you are here or what is your purpose in life?

There is something crucial I’d like to share with you today and I implore you to read carefully so as to find your purpose in life and to experience wonderful fulfilled life. You are not here by accident, you are here for a purpose, you are not just born into the world for nothing, you are brought here to fulfill your destiny; which is to be happy and be successful.

Nobody is born to be unsuccessful in life, but the reason why some are just perambulating and fooling around in life is because they are careless and they fail to find their purpose in life. Truth is always bitter, that’s why people always try as much to avoid it, but we have to admit the fact that “a goal without cogent plan is just a mere wish” and “if anyone fail to plan in life, such person already planned to fail”.

If you always aspire to live a fulfilled life, you have to engage in a continuous process of self-discovery, because it is a lifetime process. As you are going on this journey and learning about your real self, you will become happier and your self-compassion will drastically improve as you are discovering your inborn potentials, find how you can develop and utilize them to achieve your life goals.

We are born to be happy, so I want you to utilize the happiness advantage to drive yourself to success by living the life that you always aspire to live. As human you are endowed with unlimited potentials. So, to discover that limitless potentials, you must acquire an amazing motivation map (Mastery-Autonomy-Purpose), the map will guide you through your journey to attain success and help you to live that fulfilled life that you always aspire to live.


54 thoughts on “Find Your Life Purpose

  1. My purpose iin life has to do with the giftings and passions that God placed within me. During life, we discover more about our purpose. It may be that we have deep desires that starts with one thing and as we live life, changes. It all leads to our fulfilling what we are on earth to do.This post reminded me of Sir Winston Churchill, of Great Britain, who was someone who did not excell in foreign languages and so he concentrated on learning the English language. He was in the minority, when he served in politics. Then came World War 2 and a leadership vaccuum. It was his time to shine and bring home to devasted people. He spoke the common man’s language and gave a speech of a few words telling them to never give up. His leadership helped his country survive. His purpose in life, came after many difficulties. I believe this is what most of do.

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        • You just hit the nail on the head, we are all gods/creators in our own right, which makes everyone the master of their own destiny. I do utilize bucket-list too but it’s always imprinted into my subconscious mind and I nurture it repeatedly and compliment them with action plans to materialize them. I don’t really like telling people what to do, instead I share my opinion on the matter and allow them to go about the solution in any way suitable for them.

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  3. I agree that everyone is here for a purpose, it’s finding that purpose that is sometimes hard. Especially when life throws you a lot of curve balls. It’s all a fear of the unknown that keeps us from moving forward, we feel stuck. It is important to stay focused and keep a positive attitude in every situation. SMILE 🙂

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  5. Life’s not about success and failures I feel… they are the part of the journey in reflections of the actions we perform… purpose is a nice word we need to find on our own for ourselves that we never feel empty inside… if u r successful but empty purpose not solved…

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  6. My passion in life has always been to help the needy ones!! I know god has created everyone to be happy and successful but few I have seen who is born for struggle for those people around the world I will continue helping!!!
    Thank for the motivation bud!!
    Awesome words with great meaning!!!
    My thoughts about life 👆🏻

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