Not A Weirdo, But A Limited Edition.

The fact that water seems wet and moist doesn’t mean its molecules are liquid. At times, seeing is not believing; as what we seen can be deceiving. Being different is one of the greatest things in life.

“Monkey actually sweats, but its hairy skin keeps it hidden” – Yoruba Proverb

You are not what people think and describe you as, you are even more than what you think of yourself, you are master of your own destiny and you can do anything so far you have the will. Try your best to dig deeper before holding onto any fact. You have to try hard and enough without giving up.

You are born to be active not passive, you can actually make things happen; you are born full of potentials and when you are living positively, your achievement are boundless. You can go from: Nothing to something, Grass to grace , Ghetto to grandeur, Limited to limitless; but you must believe that you are a god in your own right.

You are a conqueror even when you were still a sperm, you made it to the egg first among about 100 million sperms and you fertilized it. You are formed from nothing to something. You developed and happened to be born, that’s why you should know you’re destined for greatness.

Haters may say you’re slow at doing things, but they forgot that you made it to the egg first before other million sperms and you developed into human form within nine months. Sometimes they try to put you in shame forgetting that they are pushing you closer to fame. Sometimes their hate can motivate and inspire you to a greater height.

Haters will talk, “Let ‘em say”. Just care less about them and don’t keep their thoughts in your mind in order to have some free mental space.

There are many successful people in the world that has been victim of hatred, disappointment, setback, rejection, discrimination and so on, which will make them feel like they are in trouble. But let me tell you one secret: “Troubles are like washing machines that beat us down, hit us, spin and twist us all over, but in the end we will come out brighter and sparkling.”

Seeing things from different perspective doesn’t make you a weirdo, you’re just being original and free spirited person. Being a free spirited person won’t only broaden your knowledge about life, it will also make you independent and uninhibited; It will make you view things from diverse perspectives.

So much to be a free spirited person, you’re not a weirdo, but “a limited edition”, don’t move with the multitude, create and walk your own path. Do that which suit your body, spirit and soul, so far it’s for a greater good and you will see your dreams becoming reality; also you will experience wonderful and fulfilled life that nature has destined you to live.


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