Courageous & Resilient Souls

They are free and highly spirited… Young and strong they are.

They never claim to know everything, but they have tried many things.

Throw them into the woods infested with wolves and they will return leading the pack.

Throw them into deep dense woods, they will find their way out and stand taller than the trees.

The smile on their faces doesn’t mean their life is perfect, but it means they appreciate what they have.

Nothing is over until they stop trying, the only time they fail is when they quit or give up on their goals.

They may not be the type that works 9am – 5pm, but they are always deep in the struggle to keep their dreams alive; they work hard in silence and let their success make the noise.

They prefer to learn from their failures and mistakes while they still have the chance to amend and learn from it, because they don’t want to realize them on their deathbed.

Their true source which is connected to nature made them belief in one God and nothing more; also they choose to be happy in life and beyond…


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