How to Shut Down Year 2016 and Boot Up Year 2017


As year 2016 is packing its luggage and year 2017 approaches with some new baggage. We are expecting some new goodies from the upcoming new year. After the holidays and festive season, we will be hoping for a new fresh start and to renew our dedications to our new year resolutions.

Several times we forget to seize the time to think of all that has happened and give gratitude for the year 2016 that is going to an end and to create new year 2017 resolutions, also to create a mind map of where we want the year 2017 to take us.

Today, I want to share some strategies with you that you can utilize to close out year 2016. But before you start implementing those strategies, you must be living intentionally and ensure that you are taking full responsibilities of your life.

The strategies that am about to show you will help you in closure of year 2016 which is going to an end and you will be courageous and able to proceed with renewed positive energy into year 2017 with full commitment to yourself and your goals. So, the tactics are as follows:

Write Down All Your Uncompleted Goals

The first strategy is to put all your unfinished goals into writings, those goals that you have planned to accomplish in this year that is going to an end but you are not able up till now. It is nothing to be ashamed of, as we all have one or few, it could be cultivating and maintaining positive mindset, keeping fit, getting into serious and long-term relationship and lot more. Anything it may be that you have not fully accomplished in this year 2016, just write them down and be honest with yourself.

Remember, for you to make any positive change in your life, you must have absolute control of your life and take responsibility for all happenings in your life. Then, list the reasons that hindered the accomplishment of those uncompleted goals; knowing the reasons will help you figure out how you can achieve desired outcomes.

Write Down The Accomplished Goals

Second strategy is to write down all that you have accomplished in the year 2016 that is going to an end in all diverse areas of your life. Put them all into writing even the smallest ones, also put down the progress you have made towards achieving the bigger goals; even if they are not yet fully accomplished.

Few to start with, maybe you are able lost 5kg or more after you started cycling, you are touching people’s lives positively, you have developed some new skills that are bringing you closer to the achievement of your bigger goals. 12 months is a substantial amount of time in one’s life and each day of those months holds at least a small victory which is worth celebrating and be grateful for.

Being able to write down the two lists will give you some sense of purpose:

First, you will figure out how much chance you have to improve for the upcoming year 2017. You will even feel a sense of renewed positive energy which you will utilize to make proper plans on how to better approach those uncompleted goals.

While observing the list of your uncompleted goals, it is very important to approach it with positive mindset and be optimistic about the achievement of those goals. See failures to achieve them as opportunity for growth and the setbacks as success in disguise. Be optimistic that in this coming year, you will continue to improve in all aspects of your life, you will be courageous to continue working and put forth your maximum efforts towards accomplishing your life goals.

Looking at the list of your accomplished goals will give you massive sense of joy, success and achievements. So, take a moment to celebrate all your victory, even the smallest one and give gratitude, for it’s the best attitude. This process will bring you closer to this year 2016 that is going to an end and it will also serve as drive towards your achievements in the upcoming year 2017.

Focus Your Attention on Year 2017

Admit all the areas where you think you screw-up, don’t be so hard on yourself and leave behind all feelings of remorse. Focus on your strengths and those achievements that you have attained in other areas of your life. Vow to start living intentionally for the upcoming year 2017 and stay focused on the path of positive living.

Happy new year in advance and I wish you all the great goodies and success of year 2017.


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