Walking, Running & Driving…

My life as street runner
Walking with my head down
Knowing trouble is ahead
Hoping better day is just ahead
Live fast die young is the motto
On the Fastlane I drive my motor
I’m always speeding on Fastlane
Making it home is not certain
Got bruised, kicked & mugged
Wailed for help! But no help
Sadist run things on the streets
Devils’ advocates are in control
You are not alone is the voice
It keeps me going in this darkness
Devilish folks hitting on my chest
I feel lost & drifting away in darkness
Instinct set me back on good track
Raised consciousness slow me down
Gradually, I manoeuvre on good track
Motto, motor and track get changed
It’s amazing how simple changes works
Live slow die old is the new motto
On the slow lane am driving my motor
Driving on a clear path with sages
I finally see the daylight; ahead is better days
Welcome to my sunny day…


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