Overcoming The Fear of Death With Positive Thinking

Sometime ago I posted two articles about fear and death, I hope most of you get to read them as they are crucial to our being and the facts you need to know about them are there in those post; Fear and death can be greatest threat to mankind and “fear of death” is daunting to humanity. Fear & death are siblings; I’ve dare them both by looking at death in the eyes and kissing fear on the lips.

So getting over them can be so easy because we are the ones making those mumbo-jumbos up in our mind as a result of negative thoughts, Fear is the worth prison because only you can jail and liberate yourself from it; Death is a natural phenomenon and inevitable for all creatures. Knowing these facts are very good; but thinking positively will help get rid of fear and having optimistic approach towards life will make you think less about fear of death.

Fear is the reason behind all the worst things that has happen to humanity, so don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen at all; be adventurous and live your life to the fullest but we must be careful when it comes to taking risks and we must admit that our lifetime is limited on God’s green earth.

We are gods in our own rights, we are masters of our destiny, which makes us have control over the thoughts of our mind. We have dominion over the “fear of death” by thinking less about it, Through positive thinking we will discover a life worth living and celebrate this event called life with happiness.


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