Passing on positive vibes to others

Here’s how you can train your mind to recognize good vibrations from other people and pass it to them:

Daily interaction: Maintain interesting interaction with different people on a daily basis, while you’re doing this you’re passing on positive vibes to them and they will surely reciprocate.

Smile: A genuine smile can go a long way than we can ever imagine, have you ever smile at a stranger? If you ever tried it; it will make both of you smile. I do that always.

Eye contact: Making eye contact during interaction can be another good channel for you in passing on positive vibes to others and those who understand it will appreciate it…

Voice tone: The tone of the voice matters a lot during interaction and we must take note of this when we are trying to pass positive vibes to others.

Body language: The very last one is body language and it varies on how perfect you know how to use them. In some places you don’t want to break the silence or you know that the blaring won’t let your voice travel through; body language can be essential in such situation.

So, as you are doing these in any way suitable for you, you will continue discovering a life worth living; you will experience unlimited joy and the people around you will notice and feel it too.


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