Rising above disappointments and heartbreaks

“Life is not perfect” and it’s under no obligation to be perfect (I know it’s a bitter truth), but we have to live it like it is because it’s worth living and it’s a gift; so we just have to admit that fact. In all you do with others in life, always try to do them reasonably and above all; make sure you practice self-compassion.

We should always be glad and grateful no matter what happens in our lives, we just have to admit that we don’t have all the problems in the world. So “Being happy just because” is another good approach towards life; we must always count our blessings, see the good things in our lives and celebrate little wins.

Overcoming disappointments and heartbreaks require a resilient heart, that’s another aspect of life where we must be strong, I’m not being pessimistic now but just being realistic, “shit happens but we have to get over it” and the only person who can’t and shouldn’t hurt you is you.

Here’s how to keep moving forward even after life has handed you some bitter lemons:

Just accept that it happened and move on

Play the role of a spectator

Don’t make it personal

Focus on your strengths

Seek positive influence & supports


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