Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage Which Causes Stress & Anxiety

Negative emotional baggage can be a huge problem in human’s life and it is best described as everyday negative expressions and approach towards life that holds on to past wrongs, disappointments, trauma, grief, setbacks and so forth… Negative emotions can destroy ones’ life, but as a human you have absolute power over negative emotions which may arise from the aforementioned and it has two options to offer but it’s now left to you to choose the best one which is to get rid of negative emotions, be happy and stronger than before.

How to let go of negative emotional baggage with steps:

  1. Unpacking your emotional baggage to know which are negative among them
  2. Take your time; it calls for baby steps as it requires gradual process to purge
  3. Make a firm decision to let go, you have to be ready to face the action of elimination
  4. Identify the dirty culprits, in the sense of knowing their roots and how to eradicate them
  5. What are your current triggers? You must identify what brings about those emotions again
  6. What is your reaction or approach to such triggers? You have to find ways in dealing with them
  7. Be optimistic, have self-compassion and surround yourself with positivity
  8. Get in touch with reality and start living in the present because we can’t erase the past; we can only learn from the past to discover a life worth living and hope for better future.

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